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The full form of PR is Public Relations: Public relations (PR) is the practice of deliberately managing the release and spread of information between an individual or an organisation (such as a business, government agency, or a nonprofit organisation) and the public in order to affect the public perception.

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What does PR Stand for:

PRPublic RelationsInternet Slang
PRProportional RepresentationUS Government
PRPublic RelationsOther
PRPress ReleaseMedia
PRPartial remissionPhysiology
PRPrice ReceivedAccounts and Finance
PRPassword RecoveryComputer Security
PRPurcell RealizationSports
PRProcurement RegulationSpace Science
PRPower ReferenceElectronics
PRPick and RollSports
PRpoor responderBritish Medicine
PRProgesterone receptorLaboratory
PRpropranololBritish Medicine
PRprogram requirementsGovernment
PRPayload RecorderSpace Science
PRPurchase RequisitionEducation
PRProgress ReportUS Government
PRpulse rate,Government
PRplotting and radarGovernment
PRPicatinny RailMilitary and Defence
PRpattern recognitionGovernment
PRProject RenewalOrganization
PRPerformance RecognitionJob Title
PRdeputy chief of staff, requirements and programsGovernment
PRProbability of ….Physics Related
PRProspera ResearchOrganization
PRPressure RatioSpace Science
PRPlease RetryTelecommunication
PRprogram registerGovernment
PRParkchester RecreationOrganization
PRproduction requirementGovernment
PRPack RatOther
PRprevalence rateBritish Medicine
PRPersonal RelationshipBusiness
PRPublic RelationsEducation
PRPrimarySpace Science
PRPersonal RecordSports
PRPrinceton ReviewMedia
PRPaul ReverePopular
PRPartido RevolucionarioGuatemalan
PRprimitive reflexesBritish Medicine
PRBOMBAY PARELIndian Railway Station
PRPreviously ReportedBusiness
PRdirectorate of programs and resourcesGovernment
PRPressure RegulatorSpace Science
PRProvincial RoadTransportation
PRPersonal RelationshipsCommunity
PRPraxisklinik RennbahnMedical
PRProgram RevenueAccounts and Finance
PRPrimary ZoneMilitary
PRPuerto RicanUS Government
PRPerson ResponsibleLaw
PRpurchase requirementGovernment
PRPrevious ResidenceReal Estate
PRProblem ReportSpace Science
PRpurchase request, 21Government
PRPigeon RankSports
PRpassive resistancePhysiology
PRprocurement requestGovernment
PRPulse RateSpace Science
PRPress and ReleaseComputer Hardware
PRPax RomanaOrganization
PRPerformance RatingJob Title
PRPork RecordingsMusic
PRphoto reconnaissanceGovernment
PRPressure ReferenceChemistry
PRPage RankComputing
PRPossibles ResourceOrganization
PRPathogenesis RelatedHuman Genome
PRPower RankingsSports
PRPerfect ResourceNetworking
PRPurchase RequestNASA
PRPinch runnerSports
PRPublic RadioMedia
PRPamoja RadioOrganization
PRpulse rationGovernment
PRPhoenix RavenMilitary and Defence
PRPakistan RailwaysTransportation
PRperipheral resistanceBritish Medicine
PRProbably RanSports
PRPunk RockMusic
PRpreliminary reviewGovernment
PRPuro RascalsFunny
PRPublic ResourcesOrganization
PRProject RespectOrganization
PRPermanent RepresentativeUnited Nations
PRPuerto RicoState
PRPerformance ReportSpace Science
PRPentium RatedComputer Hardware
PRPermanent ResidentUS Government
PRProgram ReviewMilitary
PRproduction rateBritish Medicine
PRPull RequestInformation Technology
PRPersonnel RecoveryMilitary and Defence
PRPension RosenchaletMedical
PRSun Raster File Bitmap GraphicsFile Type
PRPosition RecordSpace Science
PRpolymyalgia rheumaticaBritish Medicine
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What Is the Full Form of PR?

Definition:Public Relations

What is the Public Relations?


What is Meaning of PR?

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