wiki LLR Full Form – All About Learner License Registration

LLR Full Form – All About Learner License Registration

The full form of LLR is Learner License Registration. LLR means learner license registration. it means for granding a person to drive him/her independently in road.

Know what is the full form of LLR, how it works, complete information in easy words. There are many meanings and full forms of LLR, which you will know here.

What is Full Form of LLR

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What does LLR Stand for:

Term Definition Category
LLR Left lumbar region Physiology
LLR Lawyer Legal Research OnLine Law
LLR LALPUR Indian Railway Station
LLR Learner’s Licence Rule Transportation
LLR Large Lattice Relaxation Electronics
LLR Let Love Rule Other
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What Is the Full Form of LLR?

Definition: Learner License Registration
Region: Worldwide
Category: Transportation

What is the Learner License Registration?

Expansion of LLR is Learner License Registration. It is very useful for every driver in temporary. So, must this LLR to help from the police officer.

What is Meaning of LLR?

The meaning of the LLR was also explained above. So far, you might have some idea about the acronym, abbreviation, or meaning of LLR. What does LLR mean? explained above.

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