CMR Full Form Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance

The full form of CMR is Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance. Cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging (CMR), sometimes known as cardiac MRI, is a medical imaging technology for the non-invasive assessment of the function and structure of the cardiovascular system.Know what is the full form of CMR, how it works, complete information in easy words. There are many meanings and full forms of CMR, which you will know here.What is Full Form of CMRTo understand the meaning of CMR, you have to read this article till the end, so that you will get to learn all the information about CMR.

What does CMR Stand for:

It is derived from and based on the same basic principles as magnetic resonance imaging, but optimized for use in the cardiovascular system. These optimizations are primarily found in the use of ECG triggering and fast imaging techniques or sequences.By combining a variety of such techniques in protocols, the key functional and morphological characteristics of the cardiovascular system can be assessed.Using CMR in place of other non-invasive imaging techniques means more definitive, relevant and actionable answers will be obtained because a CMR exam provides comprehensive information and has superior diagnostic and prognostic power, without the need for radiation.In addition, there are CMR-only capabilities including virtual heart biopsy, high-resolution perfusion imaging, and advanced blood flow analysis.

What Is the Full Form of CMR?

Definition: Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance
Region: Worldwide
Category: General

What is the Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance?

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What is Meaning of CMR?

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