Why you need to buy MEMAG in Phase 6 as presale pumps!

Were you wise enough to buy Meta Masters Guild’s MEMAG during the first phase of its presale? Or at that moment you could not even imagine what kind of boom among the crypto community this fantastic play-2-earn crypto would create? In any case, the possibility to buy MEMAG at the best price still exists, but keep in mind that it will not last much longer.

There are still very few MEMAG tokens left, which are intended for the current, fifth phase of the presale. There is very little time until we move to the next, sixth phase, so try to hurry up and grab some of the remaining MEMAG tokens at such a cheap price. And by buying MEMAG, you will get a lot of benefits. So let’s see what MEMAG will bring you and why you should buy this crypto right now, during it is 6ixth phase of its presale.

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Buy MEMAG before the start of Phase 6 if you want to get a good deal!

Buying a certain coin is most profitable, of course, during the early phases of its presale, because then, the coin is the cheapest. As the presale progresses, and as it moves into the next phases, the coin becomes more and more expensive. However, not all of us have the capacity to see far into the future and recognize right at the very beginning that a certain coin will explode, and because of that, we very often miss out on buying it during those earliest phases.

That’s why, when opting for a certain coin, it’s not bad to do a little research, take a look at what that coin offers, what potential it carries with it, as well as what experienced crypto users, and especially crypto market analysts, have to say about it.

When it comes to the Meta Masters Guild’s MEMAG coin, everyone agrees on one thing: this coin will become one of the leaders during 2023, and we can already see that from the success of its presale so far. In just a few weeks, MEMAG managed to exceed all expectations and the most positive predictions, and already now, it is bringing its fifth presale phase to an end! 

During this fifth phase, the price of one MEMAG is only 0.019 USDT, which is more than a good deal. And already in the next phase, we expect a price increase, which means that you will be able to buy MEMAG for 0.021 USDT.

So, if you want to get a good deal, the advice for you is to hurry up and take advantage of this last opportunity for buying MEMAG cheap, and you should do it ASAP, before the start of phase 6. Keep in mind that after completing phase 6, the last, seventh phase will start, which means that then MEMAG will experience an additional increase in price. So, the sooner you get MEMAG, the better.

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Buy MEMAG because this crypto is revolutionizing mobile gaming!

And if you are wondering what led to such a significant success of the presale of MEMAG coins, and such a great interest of users in it, it is surely the fact that the Meta Masters Guild platform really revolutionizes mobile gaming and raises it to a much higher level. 

Meta Masters Guild is already at this moment the fastest-growing play-to-earn platform for 2023, and as things stand, during this year it will become the largest mobile gaming guild in Web3. We could say that Meta Masters Guild is redefining the play-2-earn experience as it has been, and instead offers users a play-and-earn experience! Yes, boring games are a thing of the past, and finally, something that gaming fans can’t wait to experience will be offered!

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Buy MEMAG if you want to earn while having fun!

As we mentioned a little before, the boring play-to-earn games that we are all sick of are a thing of the past because Meta Masters Guild brings us games that we will actually enjoy, and will love to play again and again. So, finally, we will no longer play games because we have to, but because we really want to!

For now, Meta Masters Guild has announced the launch of three games that you will simply adore. These are Meta Kart Racers, which is coming very soon, as well as Meta Masters World and Raid NFT. This first game is perhaps the most anticipated, and its concept and all the possibilities it brings are really promising. Namely, in Meta Kart Racers gamers will have the opportunity to have fun either playing independently in arcade mode or if they prefer, in PVP, where they will meet other players. Meta Kart Racers will allow you to choose your favorite drivers and karts and enjoy a phenomenal mobile racing game. And it is important to say that Meta Kart Racers, together with two other mentioned games will not only bring you fun, but at the same time allow you to earn rewards as you play!

By playing the games that come from the Meta Masters Guild platform, you will be able to win valuable prizes. MEMAG tokens, but also so-called “Gems” that you can later exchange for MEMAG tokens. You will be able to use your tokens to buy NFTs from the Meta Masters Guild Store, as well as stake your tokens and NFTs to earn yield and watch your earnings grow. In the end, you can exchange your MEMAG tokens for ETH or USDT to cash out your earnings. So, countless possibilities for fun as well as for earning!

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The enormous success of the MEMAG presale so far makes it clear that a surprisingly large number of users have already recognized the potential of this project. Be one of the users who see the big picture, and buy MEMAG before it’s too late because there is still very little time left until the next price increase.

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