Fix a Login Problem

Getting Errors When Login in?

  • If You Are Having Trouble Logging In, You May Just Need to Clear Your Cache and Cookies.
  • If You Need Help Doing So, Visit Your Browser’s Help Page, or “How Do I Clear Cache and Cookies?” Do a Web Search with Sofityo.Com.
  • If You Cannot Log in Because You Have Forgotten the Email Address or Forgot the Password Associated with Your Account, You Can Gain Access with These Steps:

In Case you forgot your username then follow these instructions:

  • If you forgot your username, use the Forgot Username? link on the login page.
  • The Recover Username option will send your username to the contact email address on file for your login
  • Check your email inbox for getting your username.
  • Log in again using this username.
  • If you still can’t get into your account, contact us and we’ll be in touch to help you as soon as we can.