Top Ways Google Uses AI to Make its Products More Helpful

All tech giants across the globe rely on AI to meet their objectives, and Google is no exception

Artificial intelligence has made a significant stride over all these years and continues to do the same. One cannot deny that AI holds great promise for people all over the world. Almost all tech giants across the globe rely on AI to meet their objectives. One such company that has extensively used AI is Google. There are countless ways in which Google has explored artificial intelligence for its products. Here, we shall talk about the top ways Google uses AI to make its products more helpful.

Google Search

Well, the extent to which we all use Google Search cannot be put into words. There was a time when most of the searches were conducted on computers found in households, libraries, or computer labs. As time passed by, we can see Google making use of new languages, new input methods (such as using your camera or even humming a song to search), and even multiple inputs at once – thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Google Maps

One cannot deny the fact that Google Maps is one of the most widely used applications. Be it traveling to a different place or reaching your desired location in the shortest time possible, Google Maps has always come in handy. If there’s something to be credited for then undoubtedly it has to be AI. AI analyzes data to provide up-to-date information about traffic conditions and delays, sometimes helping you avoid a traffic jam altogether.

Google Photos

Who doesn’t like clicking pictures? However, having too many pictures makes it simple for memories to be forgotten. How does artificial intelligence come to the rescue? Well, in order to help you search for photographs by what’s in them, Google developed AI for Google Photos back in 2015. Well, that’s not all. They recently added AI to Photos to make it easier for you to explore lost “Memories.”


Who isn’t aware of Gmail? One thing that all the Gmail users must have observed is the fact that Gmail is less prone to spam than other email providers. Ever wondered why? Well, thank AI for the same. What’s interesting to note is that Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered spam-filtering tools block close to 10 million spam emails per minute and stop more than 99.9% of spam, phishing attempts, and viruses from reaching your inbox.


Advertisements and marketing have a lot to do with the growth of the business.

Businesses of all sizes rely on Google Ads to improve their business by attracting customers and expanding globally. The process is way simpler as a result of AI. AI stands for the ability to automatically create and manage a highly effective ad campaign across all of Google’s domains after receiving their campaign goals and creative assets from them.

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