Top three crypto contenders in the race towards success: Binance, Ripple and Big Eyes Coin

Binance Coin (BNB): Dynamic, decentralised and damn reliable

Binance is a formidable crypto exchange platform, reigning supreme in the realm of decentralised exchanges (DEX). Since the fall of FTX, the platform has seen a massive surge in its market share, living life as a kingpin and dominating the game, as it is hailed as the biggest crypto exchange platform in the world. With the aim to bring forth an ecosystem of functionality – in the form of decentralised blockchain-based networks- for its users, the project may just become an infrastructure provider for the entire blockchain system as the stability of the cryptocurrency market now heavily depends on the success of the platform. Its governance coin (BNB) can be used to buy, sell, and trade several cryptocurrencies and is mostly used for exchange fees. Binance is a platform for the people, as the direction of its ecosystem relies on the collective decision of its community.

The addition of the BEP-95 upgrades- a real-time mechanism where portions of the tokens are burned as a part of the gas fees for transacting on the Binance Smart Chain- adds to the dynamic nature of  Binance’s tokenomics, as holders hold complete power over how much of the gas fees need to be dispensed. This ultimately increases the fundamental value of the token and further decentralises the project, as the more people use the token the more it will be burned. All in all, with a live price of $306.25 and despite going by 4.48% in the last 24 hours at the time of press, Binance (BNB) seems to be a very viable option for long-term investment and continues to shine bright towards its path of sweet success. We love to see it.

Ripple: Riveting, radical and revolutionary: 

Ripple (XRP) is a brilliant open-source and decentralised technology that serves as a medium of exchange between various cryptocurrencies or blockchain networks, with its native token XRP acting as a bridge currency used mainly for cross-border, global transfers. The XRP ledger features one of the first decentralised exchanges (DEX) with custom tokenization abilities built right into the blockchain protocol through which users can access a myriad of tutorials to assist them in the building of apps, learning coding languages and managing accounts. Its carbon-neutral and energy-efficient protocols call for a global payment network that is environmentally friendly, lucrative, and astoundingly accessible. The XRP ledger is mainly used by developers who want to create solutions to solve the inefficiencies of DEX, including remittance and asset tokenization. The five main applications of the ledger include; payments, tokenisation, DeFi, CBDCs and stable coins so it is a stupendous candidate for diversifying your portfolio and managing your trade.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG): Charming, committed, and commendable

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) continues to make tidal waves in the vast ocean of decentralised finance, having reached an astounding $25 Million in presale funds in the run-up to its highly anticipated launch. The project has a crucial focus on NFTs, donning the adorable appearance of an anime-inspired kitty cat and aims to shift wealth into the ocean of DeFi all while contributing to the conservation of Mother Earth’s oceans through its charitable plans. This cute kitty has a dedicated charity wallet that contains 5% of the total supply of tokens and an esteemed NFT club – The Sushi Crew- that compels NFT connoisseurs to purchase and resell the endearing cat-themed NFTs in which 10% of the NFT price will be charged as tax, 40% of the tax will be sent to The Sushi Crew members as royalties and 50% will be allocated to every NFT holder. The project is also working towards organising top NFT events, both physical and virtual, to further connect its community. Awesome rewards, and charming digital art for all who join the crew. The project’s relentless commitment to bringing pragmatic functionality to holders of the BIG tokens highlights the token’s financial potential and indicates a thriving future as a meme-coin sensation. Become a part of crypto history with the next big success story by following these links.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)




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