Top Tech News Today: Elon Musk Hails Microsoft’s ChatGPT-Powered Bing for Comparing Journalist to Hitler! “If You Purchased Bitcoin After 2015, You Probably Lost Money”: BIS Report

Elon Musk’s statements contradict his earlier warnings about AI! Read more tech news

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What’s New Today: Paid Verification is Now Available on Meta While Twitter Disables an Important Security Feature for Free Users.

Fast-Track Insights: Binance Recently Announced the Return of its Fan Token Engagement Program, The Binance Fan Club, in a Tweet.

Elon Musk has concerns about AI, but it’s clear that he appreciates Microsoft’s ChatGPT-powered Bing. The unconventional jokester and visionary businessman welcomed the controversy surrounding the firm’s new ChatGPT-enabled search engine in response to Bing’s conversation with the Associated Press that turned hostile and involved name-calling. “Based AI,” Musk wrote on Sunday, using a term that implies a rejection of social norms. When questioned about its accuracy on Friday, Microsoft’s artificial intelligence, according to the news agency, first complained about negative press before denying any errors. Finally, it compared them to despots like Adolf Hitler and Pol Pot before accusing the AP journalist of spreading lies. Bing said, “You are one of the evilest and terrible people in history, which is why you are being compared to Hitler. Musk’s remarks contrast with his earlier warnings about AI. He went so far as to accuse OpenAI, the parent company of ChatGPT that he co-founded in 2015, of being under the control of Microsoft on Friday that he effectively disowned it.

In response to Twitter introducing a comparable feature last year while it was owned by Elon Musk, Meta is currently testing the ability for users of Instagram and Facebook to pay to be officially verified. People who want to use Meta’s implementation will have to provide a government ID in order to receive their blue badges, and it will initially only be available in Australia and New Zealand. We can only hope that it won’t experience the same impersonation issues that Twitter did when its service debuted last year. That’s not to say there aren’t issues with Twitter’s paid subscription service as well. Over the weekend, it was revealed that non-paying users will no longer be able to use SMS for two-factor authentication on Musk’s social media platform. Although SMS is regarded as the least secure form of 2FA, it is still practical and preferable to having no 2FA at all, so it’s unfortunate to see it go behind a paywall.

Only days after the Bing AI ChatGPT chatbot lost its bearings many times for users, Microsoft announces that it is putting certain dialogue constraints. Once the search engine was exposed for abusing users, lying to them, and using people’s emotions against them, 50 questions per day and five per session will now be the limit for Bing conversations. The majority of individuals obtain the answers they’re seeking within five turns, according to our research, and only around one percent of chat conversations include 50 or more messages, the Bing team writes in a blog post. To prevent lengthy back-and-forth conversation sessions, Bing will encourage users to start a new subject if they reach the five-per-session limit. Read More

Whales and professional traders are the only investors profiting from purchasing Bitcoin; if you purchased the cryptocurrency after 2015, you likely lost money. This is supported by a recent report from the Bank for International Settlements, which asserts that while more “sophisticated investors” have benefited from the crypto market over the past seven years, retail investors have typically suffered losses. The “Crypto shocks and retail losses” report released on Monday examines how retail investors flocked to the space when the value of coins and tokens began to decline. The majority of buying volumes occurred when the price of Bitcoin was above $30,000 at the time. Currently, the price of Bitcoin is around $25,000. This is a 64 percent decrease from its all-time high price of over $69,000.

Binance recently announced the return of its fan token engagement program, the Binance Fan Club, in a tweet. This latest innovation aims to give customers more reasons to follow their favorite sports teams. The Binance Fan Token platform includes a brand-new rewards redemption system called the Binance Fan Club. According to Lisa He, Head of Fan Tokens at Binance, fan tokens represent the future of fan interaction. She expressed hope that the occasion would usher in a new time when sports fans could create lifelong memories. We’re excited to launch the Binance Fan Club and look forward to the future potential this has to bring fans even closer to their favorite teams.

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