Top 5 Ways to Increase Trading Income with PrimeXBT Tools

The top 5 ways to increase trading income with PrimeXBT tools

Everyone is looking for new ways to generate money through side hustles, internet jobs, remote employment, and other shrewd non-traditional methods because of growing inflation and a potential recession on the horizon. PrimeXBT wants to give traders the chance to boost their profits despite the present state of the economy.

A profit-driving method that promises to provide an ROI of up to 4,000% is one of the methods described below. See the top five strategies to increase capital with cutting-edge PrimeXBT margin trading products by reading on.

Leverage May Increase Your Buying Power Margin

Trading systems like PrimeXBT allow traders to use leverage to increase their capital. For instance, US$1,000 in trading capital is instantaneously increased to $100,000 with 100x leverage. A 10% increase that would ordinarily result in earnings of $100 would instead result in US$10,000.

The price of Bitcoin grew by 1,600% between 2020 and 2021. Using the precise position sizing described above, US$1,000 invested with 100x leverage would result in earnings of $1.6 million. Possible losses are also increased, although tools for risk management and technical analysis are offered to lessen the effects of drawdowns.

Depending on the asset class and trading pair, varying amounts of leverage are possible for both long and short positions. Exposure to cryptocurrencies, stock indexes, commodities, precious metals, and foreign exchange currencies is provided through PrimeXBT.

Copy Top Traders for a Return of 4,000%

The peer-to-peer copy trade community is another important aspect of PrimeXBT. A transparent leaderboard system that ranks copy traders by performance and shows any accessible performance information is at the heart of the experience.

Traders need to have a plan in order to compete. Also, there are followers in the community who, by selecting follow, may automatically imitate the trades of these successful traders. Stop loss and other risk management measures are available, and followers can follow many followers at once to compile a portfolio of top-ranked traders.

The leaderboards’ best strategy managers presently have ROIs of up to 4,000%, while numerous top traders have ROIs of more than 2,000%. With only one click, followers may access huge riches. Offering two distinct methods to benefit from copy trading, strategy managers also receive a profit share from followers’ replicated transactions.

Expand Your Network to Make More Money

As having more followers would increase their overall income, strategy managers are motivated to expand their network. But, by recommending PrimeXBT to friends, family, and on social media, all users can gain monetarily and increase profits.

A special referral link can be found on the PrimeXBT account dashboard. By sharing this link, users can get up to four tiers of commissions from each new member that successfully registers. Up to 20% in commissions will be generated by the new user. You will also receive a portion of the trader’s fees in the form of commissions if that user later introduces new members to the platform.

If the new wave of users pulls in more users again and over, extra commissions are collected for a total of four tiers. This four-level approach makes it feasible to expand a network of commissions that generate cash.

Spend Money on Trading Education for Yourself

The wealthiest people are those that consistently spend money on education, whether it be through university courses, virtual webinars, or even YouTube videos. The more information acquired, the more it may be used in actual, international financial markets.

Due to economic limitations, it’s not always possible to pay for these courses. The PrimeXBT Trading Academy is accessible without charge, nonetheless. Dirk Hartig, the head of trading education at PrimeXBT and a seasoned trader with more than 20 years of experience, created all of the training content. The software created by Hartig is chock-full of useful information, including market updates, trading advice, and video lectures. Hartig frequently broadcasts live on important occasions like Federal Reserve meetings. Use the information to sharpen your abilities and gain thorough analysis to help you make wise trading decisions.

Trade Money in Competition & Learn New Skills

It’s time to improve your trading abilities in the risk-free PrimeXBT Contests trading tool after learning some new tactics. Users may compete for a chance to win free trading capital or cryptocurrency-based prizes to quickly enhance revenue through the weekly launch of new trading tournaments.

No-risk virtual funds let traders test out trading techniques, practice what they learn through the PrimeXBT Trading Academy, and experiment with different trading pairs. The service may be utilized to trade for pleasure without worrying about losing money.

When new features or products need further testing and input from a larger, active user base, PrimeXBT frequently leverages the platform to organize special Bug Bounty Contests with huge awards. By testing the new PrimeXBT Crypto Futures platform, customers may already participate in a US$100,000 Bug Bounty Program. To find out more, go to the official PrimeXBT blog.

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