Top 5 Free Tools for Detecting ChatGPT, GPT3, and GPT2

In this article, we have enlisted the top 5 free tools for detecting ChatGPT, GPT3, and GPT2

The Pandora box was unlocked once ChatGPT was introduced. Our current modes of working are changing due to technology. ChatGPT is being used to build websites, applications, and even books.

We have observed an increase in negative actors as a result of all the hoopla and the launch of AI-generating tools. If you keep up with current events, you are probably aware that ChatGPT has successfully passed the Wharton MBA exam. From a legal degree to a medical exam, ChatGPT has successfully completed a long variety of tests. We’re presenting you with the top 5 free AI content detection tools to help stop the misuse of generative material. They may be used to verify the accuracy of the information and raise your SEO standing.


The web-based software is quite straightforward. You have the option of loading the pdf, docx, or txt files or pasting your own content. You may access the summary, average Perplexity, and Burstiness scores with a single click on the “GET RESULTS” button. Additionally, it will underline any text that appears to have been authored by AI.

OpenAI GPT2 Output Detector

OpenAI created the OpenAI GPT2 Output Detector, which is hosted by HuggingFace and available to users for free content quality checks. Text produced by ChatGPT, GPT3, and GPT2 may all be detected. The application makes use of the Transformers-based GPT-2 output detector model.

Contentatscale AI Content Detector

Contentatscale AI Content Detector is quick, easy, and precise. By copying the content, users of the AI Content Detector can get the Human Content score.

Writers AI Content Detector

Similar to Contentatscale is Writers AI Content Detector. The “Human-Generated Content” score may only be calculated using the page’s URL or text. It is reasonably precise and quick

Hello-SimpleAI ChatGPT Detector

Hello- SimpleAI has three versions of the ChatGPT Detector available to identify text produced by ChatGPT.

Version with QA checks if the questions and answers were produced by ChatGPT. It makes use of a PLM-based classifier on the backend.

Version with simple text checks PLM-based classifiers needed extensive text to recognize text produced by ChatGPT.

Language version check uses linguistic cues to identify ChatGPT.

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