Top 10 RoboTech Companies to Work for in India in 2023

The top 10 Robotech companies to work for in India in 2023 spilt over to robotics

The present epidemic has demonstrated the importance of Robo Tech companies in a variety of businesses. Robots are useful in maintaining social distancing since they can accomplish the work automatically. Robots have been supporting doctors and personnel in servicing patients, particularly in the healthcare area. These kinds of creative robotics solutions have transformed the Indian automation industry. There are numerous companies accessible to meet the needs of the sector. Here is a list of robotics businesses that are altering India’s automation arena.  To know about the top 10 Robotech companies working in India.

In the field of information technology, India is a leading country. This has also influenced robots. The robotics industry is both advanced and lucrative. Some Indian businesses have received significant honor both at both home and abroad. Human effort and, in certain situations, intelligence are being rapidly replaced by robots. They are employed for a variety of tasks, including food preparation, house cleaning, pet walking, and the manufacturing of complicated aircraft and submarines RoboTech companies in 2023.

1. Fanuc India

Fanuc India is a division of the eponymous Japanese industrial robotics major. Fanuc installs more than 4,700 robots for industrial purposes every year in India, these are very specialized purposes of the manufacturing process like material handling, spot welding, arc welding, machine tending, press tending, die-cast extraction, and spraying.

ladling, sand core handling, forge tending, fettling, ultrasonic welding, plasma spray, and other specific requirements for industrial purposes extensive range of robots with carrying payload capacities ranging from 500gm to 1,200Kg offers and also application-specific Robots such as Painting Robots, Food Grade Type Robots, Wash-Down Robots, Arc Welding Robots, and Spot-Welding Robots.

 2. Gridbots

Gridbots was founded in 2007, it specializes in advanced robotics and Artificial Intelligence, and won several national and international accolades in the field of robotics and Artificial Intelligence.  largest companies in India and abroad extensively used Gridbots products, it manufactures robotic manipulators, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), robot-driven equipment, and a whole range of other robotic solutions.

 3. Sastra Robotics

Sastra Robotics manufactures robotic solutions for human-like automated functional testing of real physical devices. Sastra Robotics, situated in Kochi, is one of the world’s top 50 robotics businesses. according to TiE Silicon Valley’s 2017 Technology Startup Evaluation, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and others use the company’s robots to test their goods, shortening the time between the research and development, testing, and marketing cycles.

 4. Grey Orange Robotics

Through robotics and automation, Grey Orange is transforming India’s logistics and supply chain processes.  itis a worldwide corporation that designs, manufactures, and deploys advanced robot systems for warehousing, distribution, and other industrial applications. Grey Orange Robotics claims to have “deep domain understanding, world-class software and hardware engineering,” as well as the ability to tackle a wide range of complicated business-related issues that necessitate more than human intellect.

 5. Systemantics Robotics

Systematic Robotics is a Bangalore-based company that is a market leader in the field of automation and robotics in India. Asystr 600 is the company’s flagship product, capable of Computer Numeric Control (CNC) of machines and managing various operations, such as those for metal industries such as bending, stamping, and forging, as well as dispensing, palletizing, and product inspection. Automation and robotics solutions help businesses reduce operating expenses while increasing production and profitability. This is described as a method for designing and manufacturing industrial robotic arms that lower key adoption barriers for the factory floor.

 6. Grade Autonomous System

AdverTron, India’s first advertising robot, was created by this business. This robot plays music, speaks English, and informs potential clients about a company’s products. Weddings, corporate/social events, automobile and jewelry dealerships, architects, and workplaces can all benefit from V’Me Gesture Kiosks. It is a robotic solution for any business that wishes to control its surroundings with simple motions.

 7. Hi-tech Robotics System Ltd

The firm creates products for the next generation of mobility, with cutting-edge automated, driver-assistive technology and mobile robots for both people and material transportation, with such a connected Industrial Internet of Things (IoT)-based architecture, the company is also equipping the industry with Autonomous Guided Robots (AMRs) for warehousing and manufacturing facilities.

 8. Asimov Robotics

Asimov Robotics is an Indian robotics firm that offers technical product solutions and robotics consulting to a variety of industrial sectors. it includes robotic simulation and control, machine vision, training, virtual reality, and navigation applications. The company specializes in creating and implementing customized solutions to satisfy individual needs, allowing companies to increase profits, maintain quality, decrease risk, and assist research.

 9. Navstik Labs

Navstik labs are working on robotic solutions for the country’s aerospace industry. The business has already created several cutting-edge solutions. FlytOS, for example, is a standard and flexible platform for commercial drone operations. still another item FlytLive is a ready-to-use web-based Ground Control Station program for cloud-connected over 3G, 4G/4GLTE, and Wi-Fi drones for real-time telemetry, control, and video-streaming.

 10. Omnipresent Robot Tech

It has created cutting-edge Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles, River Cleaning Robots, and robot sensing, navigation, and perception software. Omnipresent Robot Technologies Pvt. Ltd creates cutting-edge robotics, electronic sensors, and intelligent electronics. Drones for three-dimensional (3D) modeling, Nerve Center- an Internet of Things (IoT)-based control system for CCTV cameras and surveillance systems that allow instant response, robotics that assist engineers in seeing through the eye of a chimney or other narrow, inaccessible installations, customized drones for various specialized purposes including search and rescue, and a variety of other innovative drone-based robotics are among these.

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