Top 10 Github Repositories That Will Teach You Python in 2023

The article lists some of the Github repositories that will teach you Python

The popularity of Python has soared as a result of recent advances in artificial intelligence. People are in awe of what AI is capable of and the productivity gains that machine learning is making in the tech industry. Many international businesses, including data research, web development, banking, and security, are powered by Python programming. It’s steadily rising in demand as tech expertise. There are many resources available online to learn Python programming but learning through Github repositories is the popular option among developers. On the Internet, you can find many Github repositories that will teach you python. Here we will present the top 10 GitHub repositories all feature practical tutorials to boost your skills. These top Github repositories will be helpful in mastering Python language.

Asabeneh/30 Days of Python

This is considered among the top Github repositories which is specially designed by a seasoned Python programmer named Asabeneh Yetayeh. This is one of his numerous repositories for contemporary programming languages. It’s a challenge for beginners to learn Python in 30 days of programming. It is a step-by-step manual that also addresses common difficulties. You get notes and tasks to use as a student at the conclusion of each course to evaluate your understanding. To assess your comprehension of the principles covered that day, there are categories 1-3 of exercises. To earn a certificate, you must actively engage in the 30DaysOfPython challenge. 


The Awesome Python repository is the second entry in our list of top GitHub repositories for learning Python to feature such crazy high statistics. A smart and sizable collection of Python frameworks, libraries, tools, and other useful resources may be found in the Awesome Python repository. Admin panels, data validations, machine vision, algorithms and design patterns, ChatOps tools, and many other themes are among the roughly 90 different categories for individual projects or topics that are included in the repositories.

Playground and Cheatsheet for Learning Python

Oleksii Trekhleb and other creators produced this Python playground. It offers an interactive interface that you can modify and add code to in order to observe how it functions. The repository encourages you to practice Python programming by involving several steps. The given Python coding style guides can be used to validate your work. This facilitates practice-based learning of Python syntax and expressions. Additionally, it raises the caliber of your code. The repository can be used as a reference guide to review statements and Python structures.

Python Project-Based Learning

Python programming tutorials are included in this collection of programming guides. It includes input from more than 100 seasoned software professionals. You will get practice using tutorials and learn how to create applications from scratch as a student. The tutorials feature a variety of projects that let students put their Python-based abilities to use. These include web scraping and developing bots, machine learning, and online applications. You get to work on actual projects and develop skills that are in demand.

Python Programming Exercises

This Python challenges repository was made by Jeffery Hu. Users can test their programming skills using the more than 100 Python exercises in the repository. The exercises include fun tasks like making games, translation software, and feature manipulation. The repository comes with supplemental notes that outline the demands and expectations. By using the online IDE that operates in a browser, you can experiment with these examples. For those newcomers having trouble configuring a local environment, Jeffrey set up the IDE. By using the language while you read, you will be able to learn it more quickly.

100 Days of ML Coding

Siraj Vajal is teaching this practical machine-learning course. For those who enjoy machine learning, it’s a 100-day challenge. Siraj divides the coursework into daily assignments and remarks. This timetable gradually introduces you to machine-learning topics. You’ll begin with introductory manuals that go over things like setting up the appropriate Python software and tools. You’ll eventually move on to more advanced ideas like logistic regression and decision trees. The instruction manual offers the necessary datasets and programming for practice.

Practical Python Programming

David Beazily’s course on Python programming covers its fundamentals. It places a strong emphasis on program organization, data manipulation, and script composition. The software is not intended for complete beginners. It is aimed at programmers with experience in languages other than Python. You learn how to better comprehend and use sophisticated Python scripts in this course. You can read or alter other developers’ code to improve your writing skills. Between 25 and 35 hours of rigorous labor are put into it, including practical coding exercises.

The Algorithms/Python

The go-to location for Python algorithms is in this repository. Every programmer should be able to master fundamental algorithms. It includes numerous Python-based algorithms. A repository is a group of programmers who collaborate on open-source initiatives. They assist one another in brainstorming and problem-solving. Their primary objective is to collaborate on the documentation and coding of useful algorithms.

The Algorithms

There’s a solid reason why the Algorithms/Python repository is one of the most popular and forked Python GitHub repositories. For more than 35 categories of Python topics, including data structures, computer vision, linear algebra, neural networks, sorts, and strings, to mention a few, this repository offers algorithms and their implementation.


TensorFlow does wonders in the field of machine learning, making it accessible to developers across various platforms, such as desktop, mobile, IoT, and JavaScript.  covers the various aspects of TensorFlow for Machine Learning in Python, such as all the necessary information related to its introduction, installation, and loads of other valuable resources. 

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