Top 10 Defi Coins by Market Cap In Feb 2023

The top 10 DeFi coins by market capitalization, as of February 2023, are currently dominated by Ethereum-based tokens

In the realm of cryptocurrency, the terms DeFi coins and tokens are often used interchangeably. A DeFi coin operates similarly to a digital version of a fiat currency, as it facilitates the transfer of value during financial transactions. These coins are usually named after and built on their unique blockchain networks. Conversely, DeFi tokens are not limited to transferring value solely in financial contexts. For example, utility tokens function like passwords to provide access to resources, asset tokens represent physical assets like real estate, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) represent unique digital assets like artwork (as seen in the recent $600,000 sale of Nyan Cat). Unlike coins, DeFi tokens can also be developed on existing blockchain networks.
Here in this article, we gathered the top 10 Defi coins by market capitalization as on February 2023.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)- Emerging digital tokens can be used to find potentially inexpensive low-cap cryptocurrencies. A brand-new cryptocurrency project called Meta Masters Guild has recently started its presale phase. It blends web3 with mobile gaming, two of the largest trends in today’s digital sector. Even though there are many crypto games available, the majority of them can only be played on desktop browsers. The MEMAG team wants to change that by offering a selection of mobile-only games that are available anywhere.
Fight Out: Fight Out is a cutting-edge move-to-earn platform that pays users for finishing exercises and other fitness-related activities. With its innovative solutions and great early presale success, Fight Out has the potential to rank among the top cryptocurrency presale ventures.
C+Charge: C+Charge is a ground-breaking ecosystem that gives electric vehicle (EV) owners carbon credits in exchange for charging their vehicles. The platform is developing a peer-to-peer platform and mobile that will allow users to pay for charging their vehicles with their native token $CCHG and get crucial data that will make EV ownership more practical and efficient.
Metropoly: There are many great DeFi projects out there, but few address the real estate market, according to Metropoly. This is unfortunate because the financial revolution in real estate is overdue. An innovative platform called Metropoly seeks to make real estate investment opportunities available to anyone. The METRO token, an ERC-20-compliant utility token drives all of Metropoly’s features and allows for payments and prizes, is used to run the platform.
Battle Infinity – Battle Infinity (IBAT) is a decentralized ecosystem that consists of a variety of fascinating features aimed at assisting crypto enthusiasts of all sizes. Battle Infinity created a significant splash when it joined the cryptocurrency market, similar to Tamadoge. all the features of Metropoly.
Tamadoge- Tamadoge is a brand-new meme coin that borrows elements from play-to-earn (P2E) gaming to produce a singular and captivating experience. With a debut that roughly doubled its presale price in late 2022, the project established itself as one of the top 10 meme coins.
XRP- With its introduction as a rapid settlement, low-fee, sustainable cryptocurrency alternative to Bitcoin, XRP has become a popular asset of cryptocurrency investors. David Schwartz and Jed McCaleb are the creators of the asset, and they later established Ripple Labs to develop use cases for XRP.
Tezos – Tezos (XTC) is a DeFi DeFi coin that resembles an easier-to-upgrade, more effective version of Ethereum. The Tezos mainnet wasn’t formally published until much later in 2018, even though the project was initially conceived in 2014.
Avalanche (AVAX)- Avalanche is a brand-new cryptocurrency and a very effective layer-1 blockchain, much like Tezos. At the height of the “Ethereum killer” myth in 2021, the project erupted, encouraging a sizable number of P2E games and web3 projects to transition to the Avalanche network.
Loopring – While there was significant demand for Ethereum substitutes, attention is focused on Layer-2 scaling solutions like Loopring (LRC). While these applications make use of the Ethereum network, they frequently use alternative methods to settle transactions. This implies that Layer-2 solutions gain from Ethereum’s security without being constrained by its slow throughput.

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