This Trending Eco-Crypto Is About To Start Burning Coins EVERY WEEK As Presale Looks Set To Explode.

Crypto asset mining operations usually have high load factors as they use power nearly constantly. As these facilities continue to operate worldwide through peak demand periods, they stress power infrastructure which can affect equipment life, cause blackouts and create fire hazards. Additionally, the impact of crypto mining on the climate has also become a well-studied subject. Investors are thus looking for some kind of alternative which would allow them to fight climate change while investing in cryptocurrencies. 

Fortunately, a new class of eco-friendly cryptocurrencies has emerged which have use cases that contribute towards fighting climate change. One of the projects which have certainly made a name for it in recent weeks is C+Charge. C+Charge recently began burning tokens, with the first burn taking place on February 22nd at 6:10 PM +UTC.  These tokens were from Stage 2, totaling 35,658,291. The next burn is set to take place for 35,815,716 CCHG tokens from Stage 3. 

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The role of Carbon Credits in the Modern Age

Auto manufacturers of EVs have made carbon credits a lucrative incentive. However, even with these incentives to invest, the existing charging infrastructure is inadequate to support the current number of EVs on the market.  C+Charge aims to democratize the carbon credit industry by becoming the first to reward EV drivers with carbon credits. 

A carbon credit refers to a type of permit that allows owners to emit a certain amount of CO2 or other greenhouse gases. One carbon credit represents the mission of one ton of any greenhouse gas.  

In general large scale, corporations are incentivized to reduce their emission of carbon dioxide. A carbon market exists where they can exchange or sell their extra carbon credits. The main aim of these credits is to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. This is exactly why C+Charge wants to enter this space. 

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C+Charge is Revolutionizing Electric Vehicle Charging

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Electric vehicles have become quite popular over the last several years on a global scale. While there have been immense advancements made in the way EVs are created and used, the market is still open to disruption. C+Charge aims to bring the idea of carbon credits to electric vehicle charging by leveraging blockchain technology. 

How does C+Charge do this? – Simply by allowing EV drivers to benefit from carbon credits while charging their vehicles. C+Charge provides a charge payment system that offers its users the best value in terms of verifiability, utility, and privacy. 

C+Charge can make the EV owner’s experience more seamless by optimizing charging infrastructure. C+Charge’s unique features are much needed at a time when the current infrastructure for charging vehicles is still incredibly inadequate and unable to keep up with and meet the rising demand for EVs. 

How does C+Charge provide utility? 

C+Charge infuses carbon credits into the EV charging space. It compensates EV drivers for charging their vehicles. They get carbon credits as rewards, which incentivizes them to use and charge EVs. 

The project also has a mobile app with extensive features. It allows users to easily monitor their credits, balances, and prices at various charging stations using their smartphones.  Drivers can also locate charging stations nearby using the app on the go. 

The app can also diagnose the electric vehicle to determine which parts need maintenance repair or replacement. 

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What is the CCHG Token? 

C+Charge uses the native token CCHG in its ecosystem. This token, which is based on the BNB smart chain, enables users to conveniently pay for EV charging at any station managed by C+Charge. This is the main use case of the CCHG token. 

C+Charge has made the token deflationary in nature. This means its units are eliminated after being exchanged for money. As the number of charging stations increase, the asset will be used more, making it scarcer. 

Users can track their CCHG balances through the official mobile app. The platform’s creators have advanced plans to add more features that would make it even more attractive as an investment. 

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How does C+Charge solve the problem of EV charging? 

The current electric vehicle market suffers from the hassle of charging, not to mention the costs of EVs themselves. Charging stations are few and far between and have a habit of charging variable prices. This has discouraged many vehicle owners from adopting them in the first place. 

There is also the problem of many recharging stations being wired into national grids, running on fossil fuels. This defeats the purpose of using electric vehicles in the first place. The prices of recharging can also vary drastically. This is due to the charging stations being owned by independent operators and frequently accepting different payment options. 

The CCHG token fixes all of this by standardizing the cost of recharging as well as acting as a form of payment. This can also do wonders for encouraging more people to switch to electric vehicles. 

From the perception of the gas station and charging station owners, using blockchain technology can help them cut expenses and provide real-time pricing and diagnostic data. This provides even more reasons for investors to stake a piece of this amazing project. 

Currently, the CCHG token is in presale stage 4, where one CCHG token is valued at $0.017. There are only about 47,384,595 left till the price per token increases to 0.018 USDT. The recent decision to start burning coins on a weekly basis is sure to be welcomed by investors as it increases the value of the remaining coins. 

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Final Thoughts

C+Charge has paved the way for EV owners to pay for charging their cars at designated stations while receiving carbon credits. With its ground-breaking software and platform, EV owners can track data easily in real time, saving time and effort. So investors should hurry up if they want to get CCHG tokens at a lower price before they increase.

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