This Play to Earn NFT Crypto Game is Challenging Axie Infinity

The best kept secret in NFT play to earn gaming is likely to be the big blockchain story of 2023 

Over the past few years, we have seen an explosion in play to earn gaming. According to LinkedIn, play-to-earn NFT gaming has an annual growth rate of 20%. Because of that, there is lots of attention paid to popular games such as Axie Infinity. However, a meme-focused NFT play-2-earn game by offering outsized returns due to its cat-themed addictive gameplay


A Familiar Play to Earn Format With a Cat-Themed Twist

Rise of Cats is a popular NFT play-to-earn nft crypto game which allows players to collect 50 different cats with special skill sets. Players can battle cats and earn amazing awards. The secret to this game’s popularity is capitalizing on the popularity of cats and ease of gameplay. Because of this, we expect to see a large number of first-time NFT gamers get into the Rise of Cats world. 


Fast-Paced Co-Op Gaming Experience

Market research has shown that young gamers want a fast gameplay experience with outcomes resolved in under five minutes. That’s why Rise of Cat’s gameplay battles last an average of three minutes. This will likely attract a large number of casual gamers and lead to faster growth for the in-game currency. 


Fully Planned Roadmap

Unlike many other play-to-earn nft crypto blockchains games, Rise of Cats has a fully realized roadmap that includes multiple NFT auctions and the launch of a Rise of Cats NFt decentralized exchange. Also, the game is managed by the Catecoin team to ensure that all events in the roadmap and launched on time. 


Rise of Cat’s In-Game Currency Has True 100x Potential 

Rise of Cat uses the fast-growing Catecoin meme coin as in-game currency. Over the past few years, Catecoin has seen an exponential explosion in value due to its status as the first true cat-themed meme coin. In fact, many large investors are speculating that Catecoin could become the next Dogecoin or Shiba Inu with 100x growth potential during the next crypto bull market. 


Joining the Rise of Cats Herd

If you would like to learn more about Rise of Cats and its in-game currency Catecoin, be sure to visit the game’s official website. Here you will find a complete breakdown of the game, the in-game currency Catecoin and the long-term roadmap. 

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