Nubank, C6 and Lanistar Are Bringing A Fresh Face To Finance: Here’s How

The world of finance has changed immeasurably. Several successful new financial ventures have been established in recent years and these use financial technology (known as fintech), to offer a smart range of financial services. This makes things quick and easy for businesses and consumers.

Lanistar, C6 and Nubank are three forward-thinking fintechs that are transforming financial services and appealing to a young client base.

Nubank – User-friendly Fintech Option

The Brazilian neobank Nubank is a cost-effective option, offering no charge for account maintenance or overdraft fees, with claims to be “against charging you to manage your own money.” The only cost it does charge is to enrol in Nubank’s rewards program.

Nubank has many user-friendly features, including personal loans, credit cards and a free digital account. This broad range of products is only a small part of the digital bank’s success, with analysts noting that Nubank’s unique marketing methods and approach to serving undervalued populations as additional reasons why this fintech is so popular.

C6 – Passionate About What Matters

C6 Bank uses slick branding and has become a popular choice among young Brazilians. This fintech offers personalised credit and debit cards, accounts and money transfers, investments and multi-currency accounts, as well as insurance and dental plans. 

While not aimed only at young people, this generation is perhaps the most passionate about pressing issues facing our society.

C6 Bank is passionate about enabling positive change for our world. With two payment card designs, the company aims to help end homophobia and conserve our oceans.

Lanistar – Transforming Fintech As We Know It

Lanistar is on its way to transforming the fintech world, preparing to release a crypto wallet in Brazil in March, with further features set to arrive in May. Avid crypto users are predicted to flock to the already popular fintech upon its release. 

Lanistar has an array of benefits. Lanistar has built its card using Mastercard’s payment processor and the company offers services via a well-designed smartphone application.

The support team is available to help at any time of the day and week if a customer faces any issues with any transaction. In comparison to its competitors, limited fintech brands are providing 24/7 customer support.

The Lanistar app is an easy way of making online payments. Its virtual card allows in-person and online payments using Google Pay. Lanistar’s online presence allows this fintech to reduce plastic waste by a significant amount while using computer science to deliver a class-A product.

Lanistar also intends to explore territories outside of Brazil in 2023, so be sure to keep an eye out for updates!

Fintechs are perfect at providing the same methods as traditional services, just at a lower cost. 

The finance world is changing for the better and Nubank, C6 and Lanistar are three great fintechs pioneering this change.



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