New YouTube CEO Advocates of Web3 Technologies and Metaverse

New YouTube CEO, advocates of Web3 Technologies and Metaverse. He understands YouTube as a business

In a blog post, Wojcicki made her resignation public. She praised Mohan for playing a pivotal role in the launch of products like YouTube TV and YouTube Music and stated that he will be a “terrific leader,” praising YouTube’s “incredible leadership team.”  YouTube CEO Advocates of Web3 Technologies.

Additionally, Wojcicki praised New YouTube CEO Mohan for his thorough comprehension of YouTube as a business and one of the most popular gathering places for communities. Wojcicki wrote, “He has a wonderful sense for our product, business, creator, and user communities, and employees.”

Mohan has kept an open mind about the development of the internet and its various platforms throughout his lengthy tenure shaping YouTube’s offerings. He said in a blog post last year that YouTube was looking into how it could incorporate Web3 technologies and metaverse. He said that this could be done by “making YouTube more immersive” by using the metaverse or by using technology like NFTs, which are unique digital tokens that are frequently used to claim ownership of online content.

Within the past year, Google has also increased its focus on Web3 services. The Blockchain Node Engine, a cloud-based service for Ethereum projects and developers, was announced by the company in October.

The service brings the “reliability, performance, and security [people] expect from Google Cloud computing” to the digital assets industry by automatically managing and hosting individual nodes that make up a blockchain’s network.

The tech conglomerate made the announcement the following month that it would make its Blockchain Node Engine compatible with the Solana Blockchain as well. This feature is expected to become available in the first quarter of this year.

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