Microsoft Unveils Windows 11 Update Adds AI-Powered Bing

Only one week after launching Bing on mobile devices, Microsoft integrated its AI-powered Bing into the taskbar.

On Tuesday, Microsoft unveils a windows update stating that they will be integrating their new AI-powered Bing Chat into the search box of Windows 11 with the latest Windows feature update. According to Panos Panay, the EVP & Chief Product Officer of Microsoft, this move is a major step forward in providing the next era of computing for hundreds of millions of Windows 11 users. He further added that this integration combines the ease of use and breadth of the Windows PC with the incredible power of the new AI-enhanced Bing.

As OpenAI’s language model was incorporated into Bing search, it was expected that Microsoft would eventually add these features to Windows. Bing has been integrated with Windows’ search engine as of the introduction of the Windows 11 Moment 2 release, allowing users to do online searches without having to open each search result separately. Nevertheless, at the moment, the new Bing is only accessible to a select bunch of people who are accepted into the project. In light of this, it might take some time before the new search experience rolls out to all Windows-based devices.

In addition to integrating an Artificial Intelligence enabled chatbot, Microsoft has also introduced several new features in Windows 11. These include an improved video calling experience, enhanced connectivity options, and an improved touchscreen interface. These features are now available to all Windows 11 users, as they were released today. If your device is qualified to run Windows 11, version 22H2, you can go to the Windows Update settings (Settings > Windows Update) and choose “Check for updates” to obtain the most recent features.