Microsoft is Likely to Announce ChatGPT-Powered Bing at Surprise Event

Yes, Microsoft and ChatGPT are likely to collaborate

Recent rumours mentioned the integration of ChatGPT with the future Bing search engine.

Moments after Google unveiled its own ChatGPT-like service, Bard, Microsoft announced a new launch event with OpenAI. Keep in mind that Google is also holding a launch event on February 8 where the firm is anticipated to demonstrate the capabilities of its new AI-powered search engine.

The invitation states that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will “discuss some progress on a few exciting projects,” according to a report by The Verge. As a result, we may anticipate hearing from both Microsoft and OpenAI during the event. Possible announcements include OpenAI stating that Microsoft is the only cloud service provider, the integration of ChatGPT on Bing, and more. Additionally, there are rumours that OpenAI may reveal its ChatGPT 4 at the event, which will only be offered on Bing.

Microsoft’s future announcements will undoubtedly be the company’s response to Google’s Bard. The business has already been spotted testing the addition of AI to its Bing web browser. Many Bing users observed a new chatbot-like UI in the web browser’s chat section during the brief leaks. Users were encouraged to inquire about it by asking questions in the chatbot section description. The chatbot, which Microsoft refers to as “the new Bing,” will offer “full replies” to actual questions.

Not only is Bing following the company’s goals with OpenAI, but Microsoft is also anticipated to use OpenAI technology to integrate AI with Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Notably, the business has already released Microsoft Teams Premium, which includes OpenAI-powered functionality. Customers may anticipate more AI-powered functionality throughout the whole Microsoft product line.

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