Meme Coins: A Crypto Trend To Fade Or Stay? The Rebound Of Shiba Inu And The Rise Of Big Eyes Coin

Dogecoin & Shiba Inu: The OG Meme Coins

In the recent developments of cryptocurrencies, the trend that has surged the market from the last decade is; meme coins. The trend that initially started off as a joke gained unimaginable momentum and recognition. Eventually, it surfaced as the first-ever meme coin in 2013 named Dogecoin. No one truly knew the standing of meme coins as compared to other crypto giants like Bitcoin until one fine crypto morning; Dogecoin broke the record of Bitcoin’s per day transactions. That is when the crypto world realized that memes could be an asset too.

After the unbelievable success of Dogecoin, a competitor meme coin joined the crypto market in 2020; Shiba Inu. Unlike the former, Shiba Inu didn’t receive a glorious start, but the story definitely didn’t end there. And, just when people thought of it as a flop show, a tweet appeared as a whisper of magic for the SHIB coin. Yup, the famous Elon Musk tweet that caused a huge rebound for this particular meme coin. Shiba Inu ended up benefiting its investors to an insane amount.

All About Big Eyes Coin

The most eye-catching meme coin in the current crypto world today is perhaps Big Eyes Coin, with its native token, $BIG. This meme coin is catching the attention of investors for all the right reasons; it is cute, yet it has promising outcomes as well. This particular coin has managed to raise a whopping amount of $27 million and counting during its presale only! This response in itself is a huge example of how meme coins are the new attractions of the crypto world. And depending on this response, one can conclude that this cat fever isn’t coming down anytime soon. 

What encourages the buyers to invest in this coin is the transparency that it has to offer. It has been claimed that 80% of the tokens would be available to the public upon their release! Perhaps this is what makes it so believable the public and people are going head over heels for these cute furry creatures. The amount of popularity that meme coins are gaining in this era is clearly shaping the way the crypto world is going to be perceived. The huge success of Big Eyes Coins, even before its prelaunch, has definitely shaken up some cores of the crypto industry. People are indeed looking for fun investments that guarantee stability and growth, and this particular meme coin is serving all that the public is dreaming of.

The history and achievements of these meme coins is a strong proof of how the meme coins trend is not fading anytime soon. There may be bumps and a few twists, but what is the crypto world without these, anyhow? Depending on the stability that the meme coins have achieved till now, it is absolutely safe to say that the meme coins trend is definitely here to stay and can prove to be a really wise investment!

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