MEMAG hits $3 million in presale – final 3 days before Stage 5 ends – Buy now!

Meta Masters Guild, the P2E guild that will be the largest mobile guild in Web 3, is breaking all sales records.

The project recently raised $3 million in the 5th presale stage. But this is not the end.

The project is counting down the final days of this presale stage. In only 3 days, Meta Masters Guild will enter the next phase and increase its price.

Around 13k tokens are left to be sold until the price increases to 0.021 USDT for 1 MEMAG coin.

This means that around 300k is to be raised to wrap up this presale stage.

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What Is Next For The Meta Masters Guild?

After the presale ends, the project will soft-launch its platform and staking and launch the NFT platform.

Q2 will be reserved for the first exchange listings and expansion of NFTs characters across all games. 

The project team will continue developing its game, add new game and platform features and build new Web3 partnerships. 

In the last two quarters of this year, Meta Masters Guild plans to launch Meta Kart Racers playable demo.

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What Makes Meta Masters Guild Unique?

Unlike other Play 2 Earn projects, Meta Masters Guild puts the fun before the profit by developing fun and interactive games.

The project is redefining the whole Play 2 Earn concept by rewarding the players for their time spent playing the game.

With Meta Masters Guild, Play 2 Earn becomes Play AND Earn.

Their main priority is to create a community of players who will play the games long-term, and invest their time in them rather than make games a source of quick profit.

Additionally, Meta Masters Guild focuses on building highly sustainable and replayable mobile games. The main goal is to make games fun and enjoyable for players to make them return and keep playing.

The project uses Web3 to create these games. But unlike other projects that are costly, Meta Masters Guild creates less time-consuming and more affordable games.

Because of this, the project is expected to become one of the major players in the mobile gaming industry.

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The Project Rewards – Tremendous Earning Potential

Meta Masters Guild will offer multiple games to players, which means the earning potential will be enormous.

Moreover, earnings from multiple games will be brought together in the form of Gems. These are rewards players will get for playing. Players can then exchange their Gems for MEMAG tokens and reinvest them in games, cash them for monetary value, or convert them to ETH or USDT.

Meta Masters Guild does not require players to buy NFTs or spend the money to start playing. Again, the focus here is to get the players in the game for a long time.

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The First Game to Launch Soon

Meta Masters Guild introduced Meta Kart Racers as their first game. This will be a racing game with single-player and player-vs-player options. 

 The game will have free-to-play and play-to-earn options. 

The fully playable version will be available later this year and will feature free entry-level NFT characters and a kart. Also, the premium version will be available for purchase in the marketplace. 

But, this is just the beginning, as the new games are expected to join the ecosystem soon. 

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Why Should You Invest in Meta Masters Guild – Final Thoughts

Experts already praise the project as one of the best P2E projects of this year. They also think it has a terrific potential to redefine the gaming industry and become one of the best altcoins.

The predictions say that MEMAG could grow by 100x in the upcoming years.

By 2025, MEMAG could trade between $0.3 and $0.4, depending on the user base and the success of the launch of the new features.
By 2030 MEMAG could surpass $0.6 or even $0.8, depending on the demand for the token and the available supply.

But, considering the current demand for the project, Meta Masters Guild is one of the most promising projects of 2023. 

Not only in revolutionizes the gaming world, but it also offers huge rewards to players and allows them to earn real money.

Also, Meta Masters Guild is part of the growing industry, and its value will grow with the industry’s growth.

All this makes Meta Masters Guild one of the best investment options currently. If you want to get the MEMAG tokens at a lower price, hurry to the Meta Masters Guild’s official website and buy the token now, before its price increases.

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