Lanistar Launches Google Pay! While Nubank and C6 Remain Two Solid Fintechs

Covid-19 was the beginning of a financial revolution, the lockdowns saw a huge rise in the number of customers opting to use fintech services over traditional banking methods. In 2021, three out of four consumers worldwide chose fintech apps as a means of transferring money.

Lanistar is a fintech company looking to spearhead the fintech movement. Lanistar uses a combination of finance and technology to embrace the latest innovations in the financial space and provide its users with a unique service and an unmatched experience.

C6 Bank Offers Variety

C6 Bank is a hugely popular neobank in Brazil. Through its smartphone app, C6 Bank has a virtual card and the app provides access to a variety of financial services. The app is straightforward to navigate which makes things more than easy for users, with features like PIX, Boleto, and Google Pay right at the app’s doorstep.

C6 Bank prioritises customer experience by giving customers the option of customising their C6 Bank experience, offering an array of cards. The multitude of colours for its virtual and physical cards gives C6 Bank users freedom, with some designs even created to promote important social and ecological issues, such as ending homophobia and conserving the world’s oceans.

Nubank: Redefining Money Management

Nubank is a name well-known in Brazil, with over 60 Million customers worldwide. Nubank is a neobank that has helped to redefine the way people manage their money, providing users with features that are both unique and easy to use.

The Nubank app is quick and easy to use, with intuitive navigation features helping users find the feature they are searching for with little-to-no effort. Features most popular with customers tend to be often the payment platform PIX and are among the first features presented to customers upon opening the app. This quick navigation is an essential part of the user experience and provides users with easy purchasing options.

Nubank has a multitude of services and this helps the neobank to stand apart from its rivals. From its start in 2013 to its current success, Nubank has had the time necessary to have the upper hand over its competitors by growing its resources and now having the option to provide its customers with financial services such as investing, life insurance and personal loans.

Lanistar Launches Google Pay!

The Lanistar app and its multitude of exciting features provide users with an unforgettable and unbeatable financial experience. Whether it be its virtual and in-store PIX and Boleto features or its upcoming crypto exchange, set to launch in May, Lanistar is proving it can provide its users with endless offers and benefits.

Google approved the Lanistar app and Google Pay is now live. Google Pay will make online purchasing even easier for Lanistar users.

Lanistar’s inclusion of Google Pay shows this fintech will stop at nothing to achieve complete user satisfaction.

Customer experience is key and Lanistar’s features allow users to handle their finances the way they want to, giving them complete control. It is a quick, secure and straightforward way for users to manage their finances.

With a well-developed interface, a multitude of financial features and a virtual card that can be used for online and in-store payments – whether it be the weekly food shop or that expensive clothing item you have been saving up for – you can do it all via Lanistar.

If you are looking for a fintech that prioritises its customers and provides a safe platform to manage your finances, then look no further. Lanistar is the place to go.



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