Impact of chatGPT on HR: Can It Eliminate the Human Recruiters?

The impact of ChatGPT on HR is more than what is visible at the surface level. Can it take decisions like a human?

Ever since ChatGPT is released, it is generating a lot of awe among tech enthusiasts. No wonder the canny chatbot’s abilities are so universal that it has become a kind of demi-god of digital applications. As Human Resources, oflate has started depending on technology, chatGPT is ready to invade this department too. But it is to be seen whether the AI chatbot can deliver the actual results given the fact that Human Resources requires human volition and judgment to choose the right person or engage with them for the progress of the company and the individual as well. As HR personnel will find it easy to use chatGPT for its ability to quickly generate texts, design efficient responses, and also analyse user data to draw useful insights, it becomes highly essential to look at the other side of the coin too. The impact of chatGPT on HR can go beyond what is visible.

Advantages of using chatGPT:

Effectiveness: It is evident that chatGPT can handle routine and repetitive HR tasks like scheduling interviews, drafting bulk e-mails, etc, thereby helping them to focus on value added tasks.

Efficiency: It can speed up the process by providing responses, and filling up the appraisal forms with candidate details for the management to take quick decisions.

Improved communication: ChatGPT can help HR executives in improving on their communication strategies. The application is a repository of information and therefore a dependable human-like Wikipedia.

Enhanced data-management: With real time updates and insights, chatGPT will really unburden HR. It can do all the heavy lifting in data-driven processes improving HR operations.

Cons of using chatGPT:

Limitations in complex situations: While chatGPT is still struggling to provide the correct factual information, hopes around assisting HR executives in situations where human judgment and empathy are required are narrow.

Compromised privacy: There are pretty much chances that AI applications can go rogue. In that context, saving sensitive employee information becomes next to impossible.

Dependence on Technology: ChatGPT is addictive for HR recruiters to depend on it heavily. As a consequence, HR operations might lose the human touch for the very reason the department exists. The balancing act as a skill, the HR executives’ USP, will be lost in the chase for being agile.

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