Hyderabad Company Claims to Eliminate the Threat of Phishing Messages

Hyderabad company’s blockchain and AI platform claims to eliminate the threat of phishing messages

On February 27, Tanla Platforms will launch Wisely ATP, an anti-phishing technology platform, at MWC in Barcelona. Wisely ATP will be unveiled on February 27, 2023, at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain. Wisely ATP is a global anti-phishing platform dedicated to safeguarding citizens, trusted brands, and the digital economy from the threat of phishing messages.

Tanla Platforms, based in Hyderabad company, has developed wisely ATP, an end-to-end phishing protection platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to prevent spam messages from reaching a phone to eliminate the threat of phishing messages.

The messages are the kind we get almost every day-promising a job by clicking on a warning or a link that our bank account will be suspended if we don’t update your KYC.

Scammers use these messages to steal money and personal information. These online scams amount to a loss of nearly $55 billion globally, Global Anti Scam Alliance has said.

Tanla demonstrated Wisely ATP to a select group of media last week, demonstrating how the platform uses three AI engines to block spam messages.

The first algorithm which is the reputation engine detects the trustworthiness of the number that is sending the messages. The semantic engine validates the message’s language, and the evaluation engine determines whether the message should be allowed or blocked.

But how precise is it? Is it possible that legitimate messages will be blocked?

Uday Reddy, CEO of Tanla, stated that Wisely ATP processes over 1 trillion transactions annually in real-time with an accuracy of more than 99%.

Wisely was also validated in a Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)-mandated regulatory sandbox, according to the company.

“TRAI is the first regulator in implementing a blockchain-based DLT solution to combat spam. Tanla has been a key player in delivering the solution,” TRAI chairman PD Vaghela said.

How is it going to be deployed?

During the demonstration at Tanla’s headquarters, Reddy stated that the platform can be deployed at the network level, that banks can be customers, and that it can be used with caller-ID applications such as Truecaller, among other things.

“At HDFC Bank, we obsess over customer safety and security,” said Ravi Santhanam, Chief Marketing Officer. With the threat of phishing on the rise in India, the bank has raised customer awareness through two large public campaigns. We are delighted to collaborate with Tanla to combat phishing at its source and provide end-to-end protection to our customers.”