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SSP Full form

What is Meaning of Ssp? The full form of Ssp is The System Service Processor. The System Service Processor (often abbreviated as SSP) is a SPARC-based computer that is used

IPS Full form

What is Meaning of Ips? The full form of Ips is Indian Police Service. Indian Police Service (IPS) is one of the three All India Services constituted under Article 312

NCR Full form

What is Meaning of Ncr? The full form of Ncr is National Capital Region. National Capital Region (NCR) is a common term for the region or district surrounding the capital

NTPC Full form

What is Meaning of Ntpc? The full form of Ntpc is National Thermal Power Corporation. NTPC Limited, formerly National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), is one of the largest state-owned power

NTC Full form

What is Meaning of Ntc? The full form of Ntc is Negative Temperature Coefficient. Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) is a condition wherein the resistance, length, or some other characteristic of

OCR Full form

What is Meaning of Ocr? The full form of Ocr is Optical Character Recognition. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or Optical Character Reader (OCR), is a technology that uses an optical

CPU Full form

What is Meaning of Cpu? The full form of Cpu is Central Processing Unit. Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the primary component of a computer that performs most of the

ICC Full form

What is Meaning of Icc? The full form of Icc is International Criminal Court. International Criminal Court (ICC) is an international court that presides over trials involving genocide, war crimes,

URL Full form

What is Meaning of Url? The full form of Url is Uniform Resource Locator. Uniform Resource Locator (URL), some times also called as Universal Resource Locator, is a subset of

DIG Full form

What is Meaning of Dig? The full form of Dig is Deputy Inspector General. Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police, is a high-ranking official position in Police. Definition: Deputy Inspector