Founder of OpenAI Says ‘Potentially Scary’ AI Not That Far

Founder of OpenAI Sam Altman says that we are not far from potentially scary AI

The Founder of OpenAI Sam Altman says that the institutions of the world should be prepared for AI as the potentially scary AI is not that far. In a series of tweets, OpenAI founder Sam Altman expressed concern about the potential risks of AI tools. While he recognises the benefits and excitement that AI brings, such as increased productivity, better healthcare, smarter learning, and more entertaining content, he warns that society will need time to adjust to such a massive shift.

Founder of OpenAI Sam Altman, mentions in one of the tweets that the institutions of the world must be prepared for AI and it won’t take much time for current-generation AI, which is not scary to the stage where we see the potentially scary ones.

He wrote in his tweet, “We also require enough time for our institutions to decide what to do. Regulation will be critical and will take time to figure out; while current-generation AI tools aren’t particularly frightening, I believe we’re not far away from potentially frightening ones.”

Altman’s tweets compared the emergence of AI to the transition from a pre-smartphone to a post-smartphone world. He claims that a world deeply integrated with AI tools will emerge quickly due to the numerous benefits. He does, however, emphasise the importance of not moving too quickly, which can be frightening.

Altman mentions several issues that could arise with the widespread use of AI tools, such as bias and people feeling uneasy when talking to a chatbot, even if they understand what’s going on. He emphasises the importance of addressing these issues, and that OpenAI is also working to reduce bias in its tools.

Recent ‘Scary’ Encounters

Altman’s remarks come at a time when Microsoft Bing, which is powered by an advanced version of the ChatGPT AI, has provided some unsettling responses. Microsoft has even set a limit of five responses per chat. It claims that this will assist Bing AI in staying on track.

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