Five Regional Languages Are Available to CoinSwitch Users

Regional Languages in CoinSwitch are introduced with the intention to ease the trading transactions in targeted 2-tier cities

The biggest cryptocurrency trading platform in India, CoinSwitch, has increased the number of regional languages it can handle and respond to customer inquiries in. Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Bengali, and Marathi will now be supported for features like voice assistance, application summaries, and live chat for crypto users. The effort draws its data from CoinSwitch’s commercial relations report, “India’s Portfolio 2022,” which was published in December 2022 and indicated that tier-2 cities like Jaipur, Pune, and Patna are experiencing an increase in the adoption of cryptocurrencies. These results underline the adoption of regional languages in CoinSwitch.

It is important to know how crucial it is to provide regional translation services in order to improve customer engagement. The number of total client queries has dropped by 20% as a result of the support system’s addition of regional languages. The company wants to further cut enquiries by 40% while improving the client experience overall.

To treat its clients with respect, CoinSwitch is dedicated. In order to provide total transparency on customer monies and assets held by CoinSwitch, the platform recently completed a detailed and independent investigation of the business’s cryptocurrency and cash holdings. It also revealed its custodial wallet addresses.

The ability for people or businesses to take cryptocurrency and subsequently be reimbursed in any other cryptocurrency is one aspect of CoinSwitch that makes it stand out among other crypto exchanges. As an example, because CoinSwitch supports more than 400 different currencies, a person can purchase an invoice at any of those exchange rates. After receiving payment for the invoice and exchanging the coin for another cryptocurrency, CoinSwitch will transmit the funds to the company or individual being paid.

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