FGHT Announces First CEX Listing, XT.com on 5th April – buy now before the next price rise!

Fight Out (FGHT), the fantastic new Move-to-Earn crypto, announced recently that its first CEX listing will go live on 5th April on the XT.com exchange platform. Before that, they have already announced that FightOut will get listed on three other famous exchanges: BitForex, BKEX, and LBank, once the presale is over.

Now is the adequate time to invest your money in this crypto project before its price increases even more. Below, we’ll look at what the XT.com exchange listing means for Fight Out and what benefits it brings with it.

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What is the Fight Out platform, and why should you join it?

Physical exercising is something we all should incorporate into our daily lives, but not all have it, primarily due to our everlasting excuses. Some of us claim that either the closest gym is too far away, or we can’t put it in our daily plans because we don’t have enough time for it. 

With Fight Out, everything is different, and it allows you to train any way you want, anytime and anywhere.

Fight Out will look at your previous fitness experience, the preferred way of training, the fitness goal you want to accomplish, and a few other parameters. Based on that, you will get video lessons with exercises.

In case you may feel lacking the motivation to persevere in your goal, Fight Out will give you outstanding rewards for every physical activity you do, every workout, or overcoming every fitness challenge.

Fight Out also has that social part where each registered user gets a virtual avatar by default. Therefore, whenever they work out using the app, their progress bar toward their wanted goals will be reflected on their personal avatars. Furthermore, if a user gets stronger physically, his avatar gets stronger, too. 

Why is this feature that important anyways? Well, the great visual representation of a user’s progress will help an individual see how far they’ve come quickly and show them where they still may want to go.

Users will be able to invest in building their avatar up, too, which will help to boost the value of the FGHT token in the process. And, what’s more, all of this will be easily shared with other users on the platform.

All in all, Fight Out is a gym app that helps people live a healthier lifestyle. Not only does it encourage them to do so, but it also rewards them with real-life earnings as well.

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XT.com listing will bring more authenticity to the project

The listing announcement on XT.com will give more genuineness and authenticity to the Fight Out project. 

XT.com is a well-known and reputable crypto exchange platform, and if you find it agrees to list a new crypto project that’s still in the presale stage, that’s undeniably an excellent sign for the future value and projection of that project.

Xt.com has a vast user base of more than 6 million on its platform, with more than 500,000 active users monthly.

XT.com was one of the first exchanges that integrated social networks into its trading ecosystem. This particular feature matches up well with Fight Out and will bring even more users.

Ultimately, each of these listings boosts the token’s value even more. Thus, FGHT’s value is expected to keep pumping for a while.

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Over $4 million raised – Buy $FGHT at a significantly lower price in the presale

Fight Out has already raised over $4 million in its presale, and it’s likely to persist in its upward course. Generally, investors are drawn to the project for its fantastic features, which make it stand out easily from its competitors.

People are also urged to purchase $FGHT now because the price of it will increase over time. Currently, the presale price is about $0.02, still pretty low, which makes the presale the perfect time to invest in Fight Out to get the best ROI. Eventually, the listing price of the $FGHT token when it goes live on CEXs will be $0.0333.

In the presale stage, Fight Out gives a 50% token bonus for top-of-scale investors to receive a 25% investment in amounts of $50,000 or more and 25% on vesting periods of 24 months, which stays in place for the duration of the presale.

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Fight Out starts a partnership with huge sports and fitness names

The global fitness industry is currently worth around $100 billion, and Fight Out has tremendous potential to capitalize on this growth.

Some of the highly successful fitness influencers, known for their success in sports and fitness, joined Fight Out and became ambassadors of this platform.

Those popular influencers have a huge fanbase, and their followers do care what they have to say about health, nutrition, and physical appearance. Importantly, they have gained the trust of their users, so this can be a deciding factor why many people may find Fight Out as currently the best Move-to-Earn platform.

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Fight Out is the perfect fitness and gym training app for all people who like to perform their training how they want, anytime and anywhere. Moreover, it’s not only a gym app that encourages its users to be active and live a healthier lifestyle but also an app that rewards its users with real-life earnings.

The recent announcements that Fight Out will be listed on XT.com soon will be crucial for this crypto project. Thus, this listing will bring more validity and authenticity to Fight Out. As a result, the price of the FGHT token will pump even more.

Analysts claim that now it’s the perfect time to join in and purchase FGHT since the token price stands at $0.02, which is pretty low and ideal for a better investment return. In addition, the price of FGHT will increase over time, and the more you wait, the more money you will need to purchase this token.

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