Facebook Owner Meta Unveils its Version of the Artificial Intelligence

Facebook owner Meta unveils its version of the artificial intelligence

The artificial intelligence that powers applications like ChatGPT were released by Facebook owned Meta recently. The company said it will allow academics access to the system to address any possible risks.

In what may be interpreted as a veiled criticism of Microsoft’s choice to disclose the technology broadly while keeping the source code private, Meta presented its own AI, termed LLaMA, as a “smaller, more performant” model meant to “help researchers improve their work.”

With the use of a technology known as massive language models, ChatGPT, which is supported by Microsoft, has taken the globe by storm thanks to its capacity to produce expertly constructed documents like essays or poetry in a matter of seconds (or LLM).

LLM is a subfield of generative AI, which also includes the ability to generate graphics, drawings, or computer code extremely instantly in response to a straightforward request.

Microsoft, who is often the more reserved player in big tech, has strengthened its relationship with OpenAI, the company that developed ChatGPT, and earlier this month it announced that the technology will be included in both its Edge browser and Bing search engine.

Google swiftly stated it will soon unveil its own language AI, known as Bard, after seeing a sudden challenge to the supremacy of its search engine.

Sharing the LLaMA code will make it simpler for other researchers to test out fresh ideas for reducing or getting rid of these issues, according to Meta.

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