Dog Lovers’ Crypto Haven: Dogetti, Dogecoin & Shiba Inu On The Rise As Meme Coins Gain Traction

So far, the meme coin community that is reigning in the rank charts is the crypto dog community. The most prominent ones that the entire crypto world is eyeing for the year 2023 are Dogetti, Dogecoin & Shiba Inu. Let’s find out how these financial pets can turn their investors/owners into crypto millionaires overnight!

Dogecoin’s Noteworthy Start Of The Year

Meme coins in general owe their existence to Dogecoin; the founder of meme coins. Dogecoin was created as a light-hearted, fun mockery of Bitcoin but thanks to our internet sensation Elon Musk’s tweet, the popularity of Dogecoin skyrocketed within a matter of days! Dogecoin uses Scrypt technology, unlike Bitcoin, and its total supply is also uncapped; meaning that the mining capacity of Dogecoin is limitless! One of the biggest achievements of Dogecoin is that thanks to its low-cost transaction fee, many prominent names like Tesla, Twitch, Newegg, and many others, accept Dogecoin as a payment option! Today, dogecoin ranks at number 8th on the crypto chart!

A Big Treat For The Dogetti Family As Stage One Is Winding Up

Following the paw-steps of the OG top dog Dogecoin, Dogetti is en route to claim the throne in a mafia-style! The gangster-styled door-breaking entry of Dogetti aka Don Eloni has already captured a lot of attention. Although this crypto coin has yet to launch and is merely in its presale stage one, it is already off to a great start! Despite the fact that Dogetti has a very Don-y outlook, its soul resides in its family. The primary aim of Dogetti is to create a strong, powerful community/ family that glows and grows together. So far, everything is going according to Eloni’s plan; stage one of Dogetti’s presale is about to end and these coins are almost sold out! Also, the early investors or the primary members of the Dogetti family will be getting 900% returns by the end of stage one! If this isn’t convincing enough to join the DETI family, we don’t know what is!

Shiba Inu Slumps In The Game Of Thrones

Another noteworthy crypto that surfaced on the face of the crypto world is SHIB. Inspired by the original Shiba Inu dog, this crypto set out as a ‘Dogecoin killer’. With growing competition in the meme coin industry, the SHIB coin is intended to achieve far more than Dogecoin. Despite having a comparatively slower start, Shiba Inu still managed to secure a spot in the top 15, thanks to the tweet by our very own Elon Musk. However, based on recent events, things are not looking great for Shiba Inu as it fell by 2.31% in the last 24 hours and lost its spot to Litecoin. SHIB now stands at the 14th spot in the crypto rankings and a wave of uncertainty is sweeping through the SHIB community.

Whereas for Dogetti, there’s still $170,000 left till stage one ends. Claim your Dogetti coins and become a part of the most rewarding crypto family today! 

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