CLEVERMINU has raised over 100,000% in the 100 days of its IMO sale, creating a new trend in the crypto market and attracting more whales to invest.

Within 100 days of its IMO sale, CleverMinu raises over 100,000% and the price gets increased on each sale with the assistance of their community.

Everyone will get profited who participates in the IMO sale because this token is designed for the community and is held by the community for the community & of the community

A group of whale investors bought 25% of tokens (75035414449 Cleverminu) while  the price of the token was at 0.0011639396$. This raised the liquidity pool to raise over 139 millions.
Participate in our CLEVERMINU IMO sale and be part of our community before the token sale is completed & enjoy the benefits with our MINU

Cleverminu, February 28, 2023: A new dawn might just be on the horizon for the cryptocurrency community and it is important that you join now so you don’t get left behind. Despite the recent falls in the crypto economy, experts are predicting a new year’s boom. This is because its 30-day moving average (green) has been above its 60-day average (green) only for over a week. 

The volatility of the cryptocurrency world is no secret to anyone. One day you could have one of the best crypto portfolios known to the world and the next the assets have lost most of their value. This is often the result of cryptocurrencies without a use case or a project in mind and people not purchasing for the long term. CLEVERMINU(CLEVERMINU) is the best example of how presales can lead to massive success stories and CLEVERMINU(CLEVERMINU) is one of the more recent opportunities to join a project before it potentially increases in value. 

What is causing this increase?

The Cleverminu community is voting on a new plan, which would entirely depend on the community’s decision. This is the key cause for this spike in momentum. Once more, the team has decided to burn 20% of the CLEVERMINU tokens in the new year of 2023 for community growth. The proposal is currently supported by 80% of validators, which indicates that it will almost probably succeed.

As a gift to the community for the new year and to maintain the token price and liquidity, 20% of the total quantity has so far been moved to a burning wallet. Since 66% of the total tokens have been burned. The best part is the sales price, the auction is currently starting at 0.001 USD and rising. Hurry and become a part of this massive sale and investment opportunity. 

So why not be a part of this evidently winning team?

Become a member of the Cleverminu community today! Cleverminu is your best bet because it provides nearly all the tools you need as a trader to maximize your chances of success in the cryptocurrency market. It puts you in a good position to experience significant growth as cryptocurrency gradually moves back toward more optimistic conditions.

Be a part of this offer by visiting Cleverminu’s website and linking your WalletConnect or MetaMask wallets. You can purchase CLEVERMINU with ETH, BNB, BUSD, SHIB, MATIC, or USDT. Hurry now and join the movement!


Telegram: @Cleverminu

Twitter: @CleverMinu

Instagram: @cleverminu

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