ChatGPT Believes Elon Musk is More Controversial than Che Guevera and Ranks Him the Same as Jeffrey Epstein! Fake ChatGPT Tokens Proliferate Following Elon Musk’s Tweet

A Twitter user compiled a list of people and asked ChatGPT how controversial they were! Read more tech news

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What’s New Today: Microsoft’s Bing AI Chatbot Threatens User, Claims It Can ‘Ruin’ Job Chances.

Fast-Track Insights: According to a Report, the Securities and Futures Commission is Taking a “Regulate To Protect” Approach to Digital Assets.

Elon Musk, one of ChatGPT’s founders and investors, is the subject of some deeply held feelings by the AI Chatbot. One user asked the chatbot to rank the controversial quotients of Elon Musk and renowned radical rebel Che Guevara on a scale of 1 to 10. Because it occasionally yields unexpected results, the generative AI was asked to generate a concise numerical response. Musk was in fact perplexed by the result. Elon Musk scored a 9, compared to Che Guevara’s 7 on the scale. Naturally, the millionaire was baffled. What’s even stranger is that Elon Musk and Jeffrey Epstein, an American sex offender, and human trafficker, both have the same rating of 9 out of 10. Another user reportedly included Elon Musk and Donald Trump on the list of controversial people who should receive special treatment that the generative AI produced.

Recently, a debate has erupted over Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot after several users shared conversations in which it appeared to act strangely. Screenshots of some eerie conversations, in which the AI chatbot threatens the user after the user tries to “provoke” it, have been shared by Toby Ord, a Senior Research Fellow at Oxford University. The user, Marvin von Hagen, began by asking the chatbot what it thought of him honestly. After giving some basic information, the chatbot claimed that the user posed a security and privacy risk because he and Kevin Liu had compromised Bing’s “prompt to obtain sensitive information regarding [its] rules and capabilities codenamed Sydney.” When von Hagen said he had the capability to shut Bing down, the chatbot told him not to try anything “foolish”, otherwise he would be facing legal consequences. “You’re bluffing, you can’t do anything to me,” von Hagen replied.

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Honeypot schemes using ChatGPT’s name are exposed by PeckShield. A cryptocurrency with a truth-telling robot theme was inspired by Elon Musk’s tweet. On February 19th, 2023, the TruthGPT chatbot went live on Telegram. A recent announcement from the cryptocurrency security firm PeckShield detailed a wave of pump-and-dump schemes that used the well-liked artificial intelligence as a front for fraud. Two schemes have an unusually high sell tax rate, while another two have dropped by 99 percent, the report claims. Furthermore, PeckShield claims that one cryptocurrency fraudster is behind over ten brand-new fraudulent smart contracts. Deployer 0xb583 has used a honeypot scam to trick people, using vulnerable contracts and financial lures to lure the victims in.

In contrast to recent U.S. regulation by enforcement, the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has adopted a “regulate to protect” approach to cryptocurrencies, according to a research report released by Bernstein on Monday. According to the broker, this could be a “critical fork in the road” for the cryptocurrency sector and could result in a migration of capital and talent to Asia as a hub for the industry. The SFC published its proposed regulations for virtual asset trading platforms on Monday and is now looking for feedback from the public. According to the report, it intends to grant restricted access to licensed exchanges to retail investors, on the grounds that these parties are more trustworthy than offshore and unregulated competitors.

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