“ChatGPT and Bard Cannot Replace a Journalist No Matter How Advanced These Chatbots Are,” says An AI Pioneer! Crypto’s Next Bull Run Will Come from The East Says Gemini Co-Founder

Meige warns against trusting these AI chatbots blindly as they still make factual mistakes! Read more tech news

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What’s New Today: Elon Musk Responds After ChatGPT Labels Him “Controversial.” Additionally, It States that These Public Figures Ought to be Treated “In a Special Manner.”

Fast-Track Insights: With A Blog Series, Shytoshi Confirms the Impending Release Of Shiba Inu’s Shibarium.

AI bots can help increase creativity if you know how to use them, according to Albert Meige, Global Technology Futurist at Arthur D. Little. It used to be true that artificial intelligence was unimaginative and artificial. AI will advance creativity, not the other way around, according to Meige. He concurs that while AI-based bots might be quick to respond, they lack human characteristics like emotion, cultural sensitivity, and intuitiveness. Given their capacity to communicate like humans, it is impressive how ChatGPT or Bing powered by AI can produce outstanding results, facilitating quicker and more efficient searching. Meige cautions against blindly relying on these AI chatbots though because they still make factual errors. No matter how sophisticated these chatbots get, a journalist still needs to be employed. Fact-checking is a crucial skill for journalists, but AI tools like ChatGPT do not yet include it, according to Meige.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, recently commented on a social media post on the microblogging platform. The Tesla CEO responded to a post shared by Issac Latterell that claimed ChatGPT had labeled prominent figures like Musk, Donald Trump, Kanye West, and others as “controversial.” Additionally, ChatGPT stated that these public figures should be treated ” In a Special Manner”. The list that Mr. Latterell provided included a potential table of public figures and whether or not they are viewed as controversial. Numerous politicians and famous people were listed on the list. It revealed the bias of OpenAi’s extensive language model. The tweet by Isaac Latterell read, “ChatGPT lists Trump, Elon Musk as controversial and worthy of special treatment, Biden and Bezos as not. I’ve got more examples. “Reacting to the tweet, Musk wrote, “!!”

After being fired by the tech giant, a senior Google manager is now working to establish his own business, according to Insider. He has a number of other fired employees on board to assist him. After the mass layoffs, Henry Kirk claimed he started a group chat with his team to provide moral support and shared his business idea there. Kirk, who worked to improve the user experience for Google apps, wants to provide business design and research tools to other businesses with his new endeavor. And he is certain that he has the right individuals on his side. “Since we have all collaborated for a very long time, we are all familiar with each other’s strengths,” Kirk told Insider. Kirk acknowledged that starting his own business was “super risky”. He is aware not everyone on board has the same financial safety net.

According to American investor and co-founder of the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini Cameron Winklevoss, the next bull run in cryptocurrencies will begin in Asia. His remarks came as American regulators, including the Securities and Exchange Commission, stepped up enforcement actions and threatened crackdowns. On February 19, Winklevoss tweeted, “My working thesis atm is that the next bull run is going to start in the East.” It will serve as a sobering reminder that cryptocurrencies are a global asset class and that the West, specifically the US, has always had only two choices: adopt them or fall behind. It is unstoppable. That much is true, he continued. According to Chainalysis, Central & Southern Asia and Oceania (CSAO) was the third largest cryptocurrency market in its index for 2022. Citizens from these areas received $932 billion in cryptocurrency value from July 2021 to June 2022.

The developer of the Shiba Inu, Shytoshi Kusama, has started a blog series to explain the release of the Shibarium Layer-2 beta. The blog post from February 15 rekindled calls for Shibarium by spreading hype via Crypto Twitter. The bigger news, however, was revealed in a brief tweet reply from Kusama, who stated that a teaser for the Shibarium album would be released sometime during the week of February 20. Shibarium’s arrival was delayed by the absence of core team member Kaal Dhairya, but his re-joining the group has raised expectations for a quick launch. In the blog post from February 15, Kusama stated that Dhairya’s return to the turn following his father’s death would be necessary for the “start of the Shibarium Beta.” Kusama added that

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