Can Big Coin Eyes Match The Successes Of Titans Cardano and Solana?

Post crypto winter, the fear of investing in cryptocurrencies now resides in crypto investors and traders. Investing in crypto has now become like walking in the dark with your hands tied behind your back. This fear of losing more than they have already lost has ripped the crypto market apart, as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other major projects were dumped aside to safeguard further losses.

Many of these traders and investors are now turning to a promising project like Big Eyes Coin, which has already shown potential and remarkable performance during its presale, racing past $22 million.

Other projects like Cardano and Solana are impressive as well with a lot of potential. Each now seeks to hop onto the bullish trends and get under the spotlight of the crypto market.

Cardano and Solana, The Fallen Winter Comrades

We entered 2023 with hopes of a recovering crypto market, and Cardano (ADA) hasn’t disappointed. Entering 2023, Cardano has been in an uptrend and shown a gentle, steady growth. Cardano is the eighth-largest cryptocurrency in the world, with a market capitalization of $13.2 billion. Ever since the dawning of 2023, ADA has regained 52% value by the end of January. At the time of writing this article, the value of ADA currently stands at $0.4 with a trading volume of $429,650,107.

On the other hand, Solana (SOL) has shown remarkable recovery. The FTX liquidity crisis in November 2022, along with the crypto winter, crippled the value of SOL. With hopes of the new year, Solana entered 2023 with positivity and ended January with an increase of nearly 160%. Currently, it is ahead in weekly and daily gains compared to the top 10 coins in the market. In comparison to the value in December 2022, Solana has shown its bullish capabilities and made a strong comeback, attracting the attention of many crypto traders and investors. With a strong community backing and an impressive ecosystem, Solana is on its way to recovery.

A competitor of Ethereum, Solana provides secure and scalable decentralised applications and marketplaces and is extremely fast, handling over 50,000 transactions per second. Solana’s gas fees per transaction can be as little as $0.00025. At the time of writing this article, the value of SOL currently stands at $24.41 with a trading volume of $850,955,101.

Big Eyes Coin Has The Calibre To Compete With The Best

Crossing $22 million in their presale, Big Eyes Coin is the latest meme coin, based on the Ethereum ecosystem, that incorporates the functions of De-Fi into its ecosystem. This cat-themed meme coin will soon launch and hit the markets. Their presale is currently live, so invest today in this promising crypto for immense value and huge returns once the coin goes live.

Big Eyes Coin creates value for its community as well as useful resources and services. This crypto has shown its extremely appealing to users and investors alike, looking for growth and swift success. Given the enormous social-media presence the project has already garnered due to excellent marketing campaigns and strategies, combined with its NFT feature, and Sushi Crew.

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