Bulk Posting Meaning in Bank

Bulk Posting In SBI: If you want to know what is bulk posting and how to do it in SBI Bank, then this is the place. Then you will find this useful information. Here all the information about Bulk Posting Meaning and Basics of Bulk Posting in Banks is given.This is done to reduce the amount of time required for the procedure. As you know there are millions of customers of banking. So while doing credit for a government scheme like MNREGA, the number of beneficiaries can be in thousands.

What is Bulk Posting?

Bulk Posting By Salary means your salary has been deposited into your bank account via the bank’s bulk posting service. Using the bulk posting feature, the employer sends an excel sheet to the bank, which processes it on behalf of the employer.Bulk posting is the transaction done by the salary paying company to issue refund to its employees or e-commerce company. These companies create an excel sheet which contains information about how much money to pay to each concerned person.After that they upload this file on their Net Banking (Corporate Banking) to do the transaction and they get only one debit in their account, no matter how many receipts they have.