Big Eyes Coin’s Loot Box Rallies Fans To the Moon! More on Bitcoin and Solana’s FTX Recovery

BIG Launches More Rewards!

The Big Eyes Coin (BIG) team have announced the launch of another incredible feature for their community, a loot box! The coin has sustained its ongoing success and is about to strike $29M. Adding yet another incentive for investors to the mix, it’s bound to accelerate this momentum even more. In case you don’t know, a loot box is a virtual mystery box that a consumer can trade in for a reward, which in this case, will come in the form of cryptocurrency. Loot boxes are quite a fitting feature of this coin as BIG is well known for its visually appealing and adorable aesthetic. They are usually bright, and flashy, and often come with visual or sound effects. The team has created the three following boxes so far: Cute Box, Kitty Vault, and Super Saiyan Box. The Cute Box costs $100 to open, and its prizes include $100, $120, $300, $800, and $5000 worth of $BIG. The Kitty Vault costs $500 to open and the prizes include $500, $600, $1.5k, $4K, and $25K worth of BIG. Lastly, The Super Saiyan Box costs $1,000 to open and its prizes include $1K, $1.2K, $3K, $8K, and an incredible $100K worth of BIG. It’s important to note that the rewards these boxes offer will always be more valuable than what the user has spent.

Bitcoin Breaks $25M!

Bitcoin (BTC), crypto’s first and most valuable currency has had an unexpectedly strong start to the year, reaching a new high since the 2022 bear market. The coin has just hit $25M, which sits steeply in contrast to last year when the coin’s value dropped to $15,742 in response to the FTX crisis. BTC’s recovery began with the January bull market and has moved in an upward trend since. Whitney Setiawan, a research analyst at crypto exchange Bitrue, has commented on the news saying, “BTC’s long-term outlook remains positive, and ETH’s increasing popularity as a platform for creating dApps is driving its growth.” Bitcoin registered a gain of 11.61% in less than 24 hours between the 15th-16th of Feb, and experts believe that the BTC upsurge is due to the US Federal Reserve slowing the pace of its interest rate hikes.

Solana Joins the Bulls

Along with many other coins, Solana (SOL) has also seen an exciting surge in the recent bull market. By the 9th of January, SOL had risen over 60%, and more recently, like BTC, the coin also jumped significantly in less than 24 hours, rising from $23.78 to $26.42. The entire crypto sphere was negatively impacted by the FTX scandal. However, SOL’s value took one of the biggest blows in November because Sam Bankman-Fried and Alameda Research, the trading firm founded by Bankman-Fried, were heavy investors in SOL as well as other tokens on its network. This triggered investors to fear that Alameda would sell off massive amounts of Solana as a result of the bankruptcy, which would be another overhang for the now-embattled token. Although the market is far from its peak of $3 trillion in November 2021, things are improving for Solana with many other tokens!

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