Big Eyes Coin Provides a Sustainable Alternative to Dogecoin and Bitcoin

Sustainability has long been neglected in the crypto market. The mining of cryptocurrencies has massive negative effects on the environment. Mining processes consume huge amounts of electricity, which is created by burning fossil fuels. This contributes to air pollution and carbon emissions, which have negative effects on the environment and contributes to global warming. In a time where it is crucial to cut down on our carbon emissions, investors seek alternative cryptocurrencies like Big Eyes Coin (BIG) that have a sustainability-focused approach and use efficient mining processes and techniques to reduce their carbon footprint. Big Eyes Coin is set apart from its contenders because it makes sustainability a priority.

Bitcoin’s Unsustainable Mining Process

In terms of environmental impact, Bitcoin (BTC) continues to rank poorly, with a huge carbon footprint. As one of the original cryptocurrencies, born in an era in which sustainability was overlooked, Bitcoin relies on a proof-of-work consensus and has done so since its inception in 2009. This mining process consumes tonnes of energy which contributes to a negative environmental impact and a huge carbon footprint. Despite the evidence of the long-term negative effects on the environment, Bitcoin does not seem to have plans to stop this mining process and continue to dominate the crypto market.

Dogecoin and the use of Proof of Work Consensus

As the original meme coin, Dogecoin (DOGE) is known for cost-effective, efficient, and easy transitions within a community of meme-lovers. Originally set up as a comical coin to challenge original cryptocurrencies, they soon secured a successful position in the cryptocurrency market. While Dogecoin’s energy usage is not on the same level as Bitcoin, they, too, use a proof-of-work consensus and have an extremely high energy usage, with no specific ethos for carbon offsetting. Although Dogecoin has a strong following, it has been highly criticized for its use of this outdated consensus and the unsustainable approach. Luckily for the environment, however, there are emerging cryptocurrencies that focus on protecting our environment.

Big Eyes Coin’s Sustainable Approach

Big Eyes Coin is the new meme coin coming to the market that promises to make an impact. As presale reaches $25.5 million, Big Eyes Coin positions itself as a sustainable option for crypto investors. Big Eyes Coin is decentralized, and unlike Bitcoin and Dogecoin, it builds on the Ethereum (ETH) network, which relies on a proof of stake consensus. This consensus limits the amount of energy needed to confirm a transaction which reduces Ethereum’s carbon footprint by around 99.95%, providing a more environmentally friendly cryptocurrency alternative.

Big Eyes Coin has also promised to keep 5% of its assets in a charity wallet to be donated to charities that protect our oceans and are against overfishing. Very much on brand with their cat mascot, the company wants to save the fish so they can eat the fish. Cryptocurrencies are set apart by what they stand for, and Big Eyes Coin stands for an environmentally friendly approach to crypto. The promising combination of a sustainability-focused approach and supporting charities that protect the ocean makes Big Eyes Coin an attractive option for investors who are looking to find more sustainable alternatives to existing cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin and Dogecoin remain two massive pioneers in the world of cryptocurrency. However, for investors looking for an environmentally conscious cryptocurrency to invest in, Big Eyes Coin provides an attractive alternative. With its declaration to donate 5% of assets to charities that save our oceans and its work mechanism that offsets carbon emissions, it is definitely one to watch ahead of its launch.

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