Big Eyes Coin Could Emulate Ethereum and Filecoin in Historic Presale Success

There is no such thing as a safe bet in the crypto world but putting your odds on Big Eyes Coin (BIG) to do well after a truly historic performance in its presale is as close as it gets. The success of the cat meme coin has underlined the value of presales and accentuated its own growing credentials within the crypto world.

Getting into cryptocurrency can be a tricky business. Knowing what to buy and when to buy it coupled with the fear of missing out when a token does eventually climb in price isn’t straightforward as there isn’t exactly a guidebook on how to wade through the volatile waters of the crypto world.

But this is where presales are useful by offering potential investors a discount on prices. Investors are likelier to be drawn to an unknown variable if the financial risk is considered low than buying a token at full price.

Again, it’s worth remembering that in a market where upswings and downswings can take place in a matter of days, investors are always fearful of losing out on their investments. So are they likelier to put their money in something that they bought at a minimal financial inconvenience or something that left their bank balance sweating nervously?

Presales offer both the investors and the team behind the coin an opportunity to gauge the market, generating the sort of feedback required during a presale stage to produce improvements. It also means that any such issues are confined to a smaller target audience, allowing a team to avoid the ramifications of unforeseen setbacks had they launched their coins onto the market live.

Big Eyes Coin are going Big in their presales

Whatever they are cooking over at Big Eyes Coin, it’s drawing the investors in – and they’re liking the smell. Only in stage 11 out of 15 in their presale, Big Eyes Coin has already amassed over $27m and is currently on course to reach its target of $50m. Their performances have had them noted as one of the potential big cats in the meme coin echelon and with good reason.

So far they have been playing their cards right with everything they have done. They are offering until the 20th of February a bonus promo with the code LAUNCHBIGEYES200 which gives potential investors a 200% bonus on purchases. Alongside this, they have been promoting competitions for their coin-holders which include the free giveaway of Playstation 5s in partnership with the video game Stray.

Their sense of community is blended with a sense of social responsibility which sees them donate a percentage of their earnings to charities that preserve and promote environmental sustainability.

All this and they’re a cat meme coin? It’s easy to root for them, isn’t it?

Power of presales apparent in the successes of Ethereum and Filecoin

The crypto market will always have cases of glowing presale successes that remain a cut above the rest. Two examples of this are the well-established Ethereum and Filecoin, which delivered stunning numbers during the presales. For example, over seven million ETH was sold in the imminent hours of its presales with tokens that were worth over $2.2m.

Filecoin was another coin that performed beyond expectations as it generated around $52m in its presales. This was said to have been boosted by investors entering the Filecoin network early, thus highlighting the value of presales.

This is what Big Eyes Coin will be looking to emulate. And given how it has been slinking nonchalantly towards its target of $50m, there’s nothing to suggest that it too cannot be aiming for the heights of Filecoin and Ethereum.




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