Big Eyes Coin Competes with Dogecoin and Shibu Inu as it Raises $30 Million in Presale and Introduces Loot Boxes

There are many new crypto projects debuting this year that are worth paying attention to. Still, depending on what it is you look for in a new coin, none are more worthy of your investment than Big Eyes Coin (BIG). The meme coin is already achieving impressive feats without officially being on the market and has big plans moving forward that could see it outdo even itself. Having raised a phenomenal $30 million, a number which will undoubtedly continue to grow shows that it has already built a supportive and bullish community behind it; something the developers are showing appreciation for with their latest announcement of Big Eyes Loot Boxes.

What Are Loot Boxes?

The cross between gaming and crypto has increased more and more since the introduction of the metaverse and P2E projects, so it was only natural that loot boxes would eventually appear. From first-person shooters to fantasy role-playing games, loot boxes are something all gamers have encountered and usually enjoy. In games, they are a way to earn rewards without actually knowing what is inside the box, similar to the lottery. But when it comes to crypto, this is another opportunity for buyers to profit from the surprise by earning things such as NFTs or even actual tokens. For a meme coin project like Big Eyes that revolves around being both enjoyable and accessible, this is a perfect way to capture yet another demographic while introducing a fun, new way for the existing buyers to earn.

How This Helps Big Eyes Become a Meme King Killer

Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) are undoubtedly the king and prince of the meme coin niche. Dogecoin started everything in 2013 while Shiba Inu had the best performance of all other meme coins when the niche blew up in 2021. Ranking 10 and 13 among the top crypto by market cap, they have held their reign since 2021 despite the losses they suffered towards the end of that year and in 2022.

Even now, they still experience surges of growth depending on whether Elon Musk (who was partly responsible for blowing them up in the first place) makes a vague tweet that sends buyers in a rush to the market. This monarchy will be hard to topple, but Big Eyes has the potential to do it. These loot boxes will be the latest incentives investors of the project are offered.

The loot boxes will have three different tiers: Cute Box, Kitty Vault and Super Saiyan Box. These will cost $100, $500 and $1000 to open, respectively. While these seem expensive, the prizes prove the value behind them. Buyers will always have a chance to win a token supply worg what they spent if not much, much more; with the highest possible prize being worth $100k, an insane amount. The potential to win a huge jackpot is what drives people to the lottery every single week and it should work the exact same way here. The addictive fun these loot boxes will have on the community is just another example of the unlimited enjoyability this project creates on top of its profitability.

This is all while Big Eyes is still in presale, which is what makes Big Eyes Coin’s chances of becoming the next big thing once it launches so believable. Investors who enjoy either gaming or the lottery – or both, won’t want to miss out on this.

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