Big Eye Coin Hits Record Numbers After Superbowl Weekend As Investors Make Bets Meanwhile Bitcoin & Ethereum Price Takes A Dive

Rihanna wasn’t the only one with a big weekend, as Big Coin Eyes (BIG) blasted into the week with another record high of $25.77 million raised as they entered the 11th stage out of 15 in presale. As the pop icon crooned “only girl in the world” to the large crowd at the Super Bowl halftime show last night, Big Eyes mewed with pleasure, shining bright like a diamond. Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH however are not having an especially good run, as both coins have seen their prices take a downward turn over the weekend. Investors remain positive towards BTC, which is good for the whole crypto market.

Big Eyes with all of the highs and no lows

In light of the buzz, anticipation, and apparent popularity it has amassed in the months since its inception last year, Big Eyes has stated that it would expand its portfolio by adding new currencies that could be used to buy BIG tokens. It made this known via its Twitter page, @BigEyesCoin.

At the moment, investors can buy a BIG token with Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), or Tether (USDT).

BIG is definitely gearing up for a fireworks-style entry when it does launch, with the $50 million target before coming live on the market and the speed at which presale tokens are selling.

The Silver Lining in Bitcoin’s story

What do Bitcoin and Rihanna have in common? Both made a comeback this year. But after reaching a peak of $24,157.88 in early February since rising from its price of $16,585.05 at the beginning of January, BTC’s upward trend appears to have been quite fleeting. Over the week, Bitcoin’s (BTC) price has subsequently dropped to $21,783.95. The price of the cryptocurrency dropped by 4.31% overnight and by 7.49% over the course of the previous seven days.

The market capitalization of Bitcoin was $417 billion at the time of writing, with a $22 billion 24-hour trading volume.

There may however be light at the end of the tunnel for this pioneer cryptocurrency as it prepares for its next halving event in 2024. The halving event is where mining rewards are divided in half every four years, which typically causes the price of Bitcoin to soar given that the event contributes to a decrease in the supply of the tokens. Some even believe that the event that serves as a trigger is related to the crypto bull run cycles.

Ethereum: The Struggle Continues

Ethereum (ETH), like its table-topping rival, Bitcoin, has witnessed a decline in price from what was supposed to be a bullish February. Ethereum was close to reaching $1700 in early February after starting 2023 with a price of $1196.71 on the back of a frigid November 2022, but it has gone the other way weeks into the month as it sank to $1491.49 at the time of writing, breaking the 3-week rising trend.

At the time of this writing, Ethereum had a market cap of $182 billion and an $8.6 billion 24-hour trading volume.

Bitcoin news has many investors excited because the coin’s price is expected to rise, as it has in the past before each halving event. In addition, the impressive performance of Big Eyes Coin may very well be another bullish sign of times to come for the industry.

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