Aptos Process 10 Transactions DogCoin process 100K Transactions Per Second

DogCoin is the next layer of crypto. It allows anyone to build apps, services and use cases that make sense and fit into their world. The launch of a dogcoin blockchain is creating opportunity for game and dapp developers. Immediately after the dogcoin team announced the launch of its own blockchain many old dogecoin community member are researching about dogcoin  ..

DogCoin VS Aptos

The DOGCOIN is   zero gas fee blockchain, The DOGCOIN blockchain charges .000011 DOGS or $0.00000000000002 only for a transaction which is very lower then any blockchain network. This is why we are calling dogcoin zero gas fee blockchain.

But the 100,000 Transactions Per Second  is one factor that has excited the crypto community.Whereas Aptos process only 10 Transactions Per Second and claim to achieve over 160,000 transactions per second (TPS).Aptos is heavily funded by Big vcs and this is why aptos is listed in all popular exchanges Aptos has raised $350 million in VC funding whereas Dogcoin is not funded by anyone and its technology is everything.

Aptos co-founder Mo Shaikh tweeted that the “current TPS is not representative of the network capacity—this was the network idling ahead of projects coming online. This number is expected to increase with more activity.” In other words: there’s not a whole lot happening yet on Aptos, but it’ll be ready for action.

On the first day of launch, Aptos’ network speed was only 4 transactions per second (TPS), as reported by various media. It meant the network was even slower than the oldest blockchain network, Bitcoin (at 7 TPS).

Dogcoin don’t have any Vcs like aptos so the community will lead this project and not Vcs, How do you think about that?

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