3Entertainment Expectations in 2023’s Tech

The 2020s have set high expectations for developments in entertainment technology, and 2023 is shaping up to be the most forward-thinking year yet. With evolutions that redefine video editing, music creation, and customer service, new technologies represent a significant step forward for creators and audiences. While these systems bring with them unprecedented challenges, meeting these should lower barriers like never before, and potentially lead to a new entertainment status quo.

Video Editing

In the realm of video editing, two big technologies are looking to make their marks in 2023: algorithmic editing and real-time rendering. Algorithmic editing refers to managing the editing process according to a strict set of rules. The ideas behind this process are well-established, with roots dating back to a 1929 essay by Sergei Eisenstein as Medium covers. The idea behind this concept is that certain strict mathematical expressions are best used to capture ideas of emotion, nature, and beauty, like with the golden ratio. Using computer systems and predetermined code, algorithmic editing could apply this process to film.

Real-time rendering is a process that allows computers to manage special effects on the fly, instead of requiring them to be output first to a rendering farm to generate a completed take. VIGN notes the usefulness in that it gives filmmakers the ability to change parts of the film as they go, adjusting and fixing as needed. By operating in real-time, reshoots can be avoided, and adjustments can be made to reflect moments of inspiration that only strike on the day.

Music Development

Setting a theme for the creative landscape world in 2023 is the musical world’s adoption of cutting-edge AI. These systems have been adopted into many avenues, generally accomplishing the task of simplifying and offloading busy work to computers. One of the most exciting developments here is Google’s new AI tool called MusicLM. According to EuroNews, this technology can take text prompts or hummed/whistled melodies and transform them into more complete tracks. Such developments are likely to be both highly helpful and contentious as 2023 draws on.

Customer Service Systems

On the customer side of the equation, help systems are also being expanded upon through improved AI integration. Because customers can have such varied questions in the entertainment space, humans will always be needed. For simple questions and questions which are repeated over time, patterns begin to emerge that can instead be addressed by AI chatbots.

This is the case with Karamba Casino for example, with its many casino games and sports betting features covered by a team seven days a week through chat, email, or online forms. Humans serve as the foundation here for unique inquiries, as the casino needs to ensure as much customer satisfaction and confidence as possible. From this point, AI-enhanced chatbots further develop customer service coverage via cutting-edge new help AI systems like the famed open-source project ChatGPT. ChatGPT has the ability to essentially emulate human answers to questions it has seen before, which in the context of an online casino can help with many aspects like game queries, account information, and more. Making significant leaps in the recent months, the adoption of both a human and AI element streamlines the entire process, and ensures users never go without finding what they want.

Though many of the technologies of 2023 have been in the works for years, 2023 marks a point of rapid acceleration and implementation, especially in the AI space. Suddenly, features that have been promised for years are arriving all at once, leaving industries huge new opportunities to save money, and giving newcomers a way to break in. The stage set by 2023 is going to set standards for decades to follow, in what could be one of the biggest shakeups the entertainment world has yet seen.

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