3 Future-Focused Fintech Brands: Monzo, Atom Bank And Lanistar, With Lanistar Launching Google Pay!

Technology has transformed countless industries – and the world of finance is no exception. Despite pandemic-induced delays, 2021 was the start of huge growth for the fintech industry.

The financial world has experienced a tumultuous few years with the neverending innovative growth and development of technology. Fintech is a portmanteau for “financial technology.” It’s a catch-all term for technology used to augment, streamline, digitize or disrupt. Mobile fintech technology is changing how payments connect globally. The future of fintech is promising. Here are three fintechs to consider in 2023:

Monzo – Moving With The Times

Monzo is an online bank and was one of the earliest new app-based challenger banks in the UK. Monzo is digital-only and has been built to make users’ spending and saving habits more manageable.

The popular bank lives in an app. It prioritises user experience, helping its customers budget better, have stress-free spending abroad and even helps them earn interest.

Monzo’s features offer full financial visibility, with their bank accounts and credit cards stored all in one place.

Monzo is a future-focused bank, that believes that traditional banking methods are a thing of the past. Monzo intends to focus on solving its users’ issues, rather than acting as a platform that is purely interested in the selling of financial products.

Atom Bank – The Bank That Is All About You

Atom Bank was founded in 2014 as the UK’s first app-only bank. It serves as a digital-only financial company and ‘challenger bank’, built to prioritise consumer needs.

Being mobile-only Atom Bank allows its customers to start up accounts with a mobile application and provides them with that much-needed full access to all of their financial information.

Atom bank, the UK’s first app-based bank is set on doing the right thing for its customers. Its main aim is to stand up against the big banks and not waste the precious time of its customers.

Atom Bank prioritises three specific areas; saving, buying and growing. Banking is changing for the better and Atom Bank aims to be one of the first to help bring about this change.

Lanistar – Revolutionising Finance

The Lanistar app is ready to change the card payment provider game for the better. The fintech provides an online platform that gives its users a personalised financial experience. Its unique and modern mobile app offers an array of exciting features all with secure and straightforward functions to enable its customers to have the best user experience whilst handling their finances.

Google Pay is now live via Lanistar! This is a huge step as Google Pay makes online purchasing even more convenient for users.

Lanistar’s inclusion of Google Pay shows the fintech is focused on providing its users with the best possible features.

The Lanistar app gives its customers a portal to manage all of their accounts and enables transactions to be fast, secure and easily traceable. The easy-to-use system rids any customer of doubt and puts all the power in their hands. Handling your finances has never been easier with Lanistar.

Lanistar’s PIX and Boleto features mean customers are able to handle each exchange and manage them in their own way, giving them the financial strength most customers are looking for.

Website: https://www.lanistar.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lanistar/

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